The Winter Wizard Dueling Tournament

The Winter Wizard Dueling Tournament is now coming to Knockturn!! It will be hosted on Saturday, February 15th at 4 pm est.

Where will it be hosted you may ask? Harry Kings dueling arena in towny! Thanks to him we are able to do this lovely event.

There will be 2 brackets, years 1-3, then years 4 - grad. First place in either bracket will get 64 galleons, 2nd will get 32, and 3rd will get 15 galleons.

Bring a friend! All 4 dueling captains will most likely be there, so its a good way to get your name out there to the captains if you’re interested in your houses dueling club!

To sign up reply to this post with
Rp name:

Ign: Iliketurtles1234
Rp name: John doe
Year: 2


Ign: Tanzana
Rp name: Tahj Gaunt
Year: 3

RP Name: Will Booth
Year: 5

IGN: EmmaRose33
RP Name: Emma Rose
Year: 4

wish i could come ;-;
best of luck to everyone competing!
(I will not be participating, due to IRL priorities)

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all good man, u will be missed. hope to see you at the next one tho =D

IGN: KunaiWarrior
RP name: Percy Scrimgeour
Year: 5

bell will also be pitching in some mulah for the winner