The Yule Ball

  • Is it a canon spell ? -> Do not suggest.
  • Is it about a feature in a minecraft version we a not on yet? -> Do not suggest.
  • Did you do research to see if it was even possible? -> If no, do not suggest.
  • Is it something from the movies that you think would be cool that would take A LONG TIME TO CODE (ie: newt’s suitcase, moving stairs, jobs after graduation) -> Do not suggest, most likely we are already planning it and you’re just wasting time.
  • Is it something like the forbidden spells, horcruxes, flying apparation, or animagus, that you think the server needs and doesn’t have -> If its in the movies in a large part, its not a suggestion, you just want it to happen. Suggestions are NEW ideas.

Create the Yule Ball as a December Event

Why it will be good
It will bring the students and staff together and create a positive environment.

How it will work in code/other functions
First, the place must be built, building staff would take care of that of course. I am uneducated in the world of plugins and coding, but things like the music, changing lights, snowfalling, etc would need to be added

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
The building staff and coders, since its October it would be kind of rushed to get it done in time, but maybe for next year?

Which server?

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Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be named the Yule Ball, since that could fit under the category of something I want instead of a NEW idea, but the idea of having a school party for the students sounds like a great way for the community to come together

This already exists and has been done before and I assume/hope it’ll be done this year too :slight_smile:


Oh okay, thank you (: