Support Ticket
On Mordonia, A girl called Amber Griffins, who is also in the same Kingdom as me Murkwell, asked if she could shoot me. Only 1 shot. But she lied and did 2 shots which killed me. I did say Dont pick my stuff up please but she ignored me. Amber teleported to her house so she didnt have to give me my stuff back. I kindly asked 3 times Can I have my stuff back please? She ‘had to go offline’ leaving me with nothing and her with all of my stuff. Now Im afraid that she wont give me back and keep it to herself.

Kira Berneker is a witness to this problem. I said Dont pick up my stuff please and can have my stuff back please on Kingdom chat and she saw this.

~Hannah Corbet

ah, Nevermind. She gave me my stuff back but didnt give everything back. Then she actually gave it all back so the problem is now cleared up.