This is goodbye

Hi, whoever is reading this. :slight_smile:

You might not know me, I haven’t been very active recently, but if you do know me… I’m sorry. Over the years my activity has dwindled, but this ending was not what I had expected. I am not leaving because I want to, but because that choice was taken from me.

My Minecraft account, YandeCruella, was created many years ago to an email that I no longer have access to. This email was hacked, without my knowledge, and I cannot get it back. I’ve contacted the support team multiple times and they do not believe it was mine, because I don’t remember enough of the ‘recent mails’ I got or my 6 year old skype contacts… The hacker doesn’t even have access anymore. It has been closed to be protected, only the hackers email can open it, but the hackers email domain has been removed. It is dead and gone.

My Minecraft account cannot be changed to another email without access to that one. They need either the email or the purchase code, a code I do not have access to. Due to trying to change my Minecraft email too many times they temporarily closed my account too, which I can no longer access.

Ultimately, I had to buy another Minecraft account. I was considering whether I should join back on this server with that account, but the reason I kept coming back to Knockturn was partly my progress, but mostly the memories. I have a lot of memories of this place. I worry that those memories will be bittersweet when I know I can never have my account back. Most of those I knew have already left this server, so maybe this is the end for me too. Cutting ties with a community that was my life and haven years ago. At the very least its the end of the Bella Storm associated with my old Minecraft account.

I will think of you every now and then.
Thank you for the fun times, I imagine I’ll rejoin as someone else one day. Someone older and wiser. Wise enough to not leave old email trails hanging. (Please don’t make my mistake. ;__; )

Sorry for the drama. Change your passwords regularly. Goodbye.
Bella Martin / Armstrong / Storm
Hufflefloof forever.


Bella try contacting mojang support on twitter they might be able to help ~ otherwise when we update stuff we will see if we can fix transferring accounts so we can move stuff to your new id. ~ might be a bit, but can prolly do it ~ just dont join and make too much progress on a new account bc that will be lost if we transfer the data.

We will believe it is your account :stuck_out_tongue: xD

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Thanks!! I didn’t even consider their twitter… I’ll try to reach out to them, hopefully their twitter support is better than their own website. :sweat_smile: I feel overly dramatic now, I hope it can be transferred if Mojang can’t help.

We can definitely fix it and get it transferred we meant to do it ages ago bc a couple ppl had this issue but with the updates we have planned, it will happen sooner rather than later

I also recommend contacting Minecraft support and saying you’d like a refund and explaining how your email was hacked so you no longer can access your Minecraft account. That’s what I did when I couldn’t access my old email and my Minecraft password somehow got changed and they fixed it immediately. I provided the answers to my security questions and they deemed it enough proof to prove I owned the account.