This is werid

So when I was defending selto, as you know. I found the beacon at like 10 minutes left. I was completley shifting and the entrance is like halfway to the other side. I was behind a building. He was looking one way but then snapped and looked at my direction and charged at me. Somehow he lost the beacon so the hoster replaced it in the same spot with one minute left, I found it in that minute. I hid and he was on the whole other side, while I was outside a house, his head snapped again and raced toward my direction. He killed me and took that beacon for the rest of the minute. To my conclusions this guy was maybe using tracers or one of the hacks that, xTurtle uses where he can see the whole inventory (my brother is a weirdo so he just watches weird people every day) to see what gear they have. This reason I can tell that this guy was using one of these. I don’t know how people don’t think this is fishy since it happened twice. He has a good repuatation and could get away with it because he’s nice and helpful? I don’t know, This is Jacob Volpe or IslandPro_ninja who supposes did this. If Jacob has another side to this story, I would like to see it because who knows what he says is true. I was hoping to get the rewards because i’m really poor at the minute, and that my kingdom has lost the town. (I also do get quite salty when something unfair happens to me and nothing really happens) I would like an explaination if one of you who reads this thinks, that this isn’t true.

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I watched you walk into said town and grab the beacon BUT I put my attention on the other person in the raid cause i didnt like the arrows then i got sick of trying to find a INVIS person so i decided to go to you as i CLEARLY watched you go into the house so I went to kill you has it was to hard to kill a invis person. So you may have your option on it but I am not hacking in any way It would make 0 sence for me to hack as I am on my last warning to getting a unapealable ban so It would be stupid of me and let alone I love Mordonia and I would hate to ruin the game back hacking SO. I did not hack in any way shape or for thank you

-Garoett [IslandPro_Ninja] Rimma
-Jacob [IslandPro_Ninja] Volpe

He wasn’t hacking or using anything at all because I watched the whole thing. He saw you run into the house so he followed you. You weren’t invisible in any shape or form, so it is very possible for him to see you and kill you.

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How did you KNOW I had the beacon? And HOW do I know you’re not lying? The first time, I already had the beacon before you arrived and hid. You somehow just ran towards me. And who knows what your other appeal bans were for. Shifting, makes your nametag mostly not visiable, It shouldn’t be read from behind wood from like 26-46 blocks away.

I didn’t see your name threw blocks i saw you run STRAIGHT into the building now I am done argueing with you Staff can handle this cause i find it pointless to argue with you

I never really asked to argue with you, You just started to reply and started the argue on this forums. :slight_smile:

EDIT: What about the first time… Jacob? I was hiding before you came into the town, and you just ran straight towards me.

From what I can see and what I’ve been told, there are multiple people saying they saw you find the beacon. I have never even heard of a hack that can actually let you see another players inventory and have a pretty hard time believing it. Also, people who arnt staff DO NOT need to be replying to these as these are staff related.