TikTok for Knockturn

Hey all!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how this server used to be so huge and over the years the numbers have dwindled… as it happens with many great servers.

I had an idea for promoting the server a bit more, and I wanted to run it by everyone to see if ya’ll think it might work… or if you’d support me with it.

So, TikTok, as most of you all know is a social media app that is HUGE right now. It reaches many people in many countries, and a lot of people have gathered quite the following on the app.

I have been thinking about possibly creating and running a Knockturn TikTok account in order to promote the server and possibly get some more players. I’ve been on the app for over a year now and have some great ideas for server promotion.

Is this a good idea? Would anyone be opposed to me doing so?


We actually have a social media team that runs our instagram and other pages, so I think this would be decided and run by them. However you would be welcome to apply.

This would be funny asf


This sounds like a 10/10 idea but yeah what Haley said, the idea will probably have to be run by whoever is on the social media team.

gross, i am already being tracked by china on QQ why would we want to do it on tiktok too?



whats funny was I once looked up knockturn videos on tiktok and they exist haha

Already ahead of ya, just posted a lil vid advertising the game, hopefully we’ll see more people.
I’ll be in your team, and it should be easy as i got a pretty high amount of followers there. :smile: And im down to help you get more followers too.