• Panic! At the disco
  • Twenty One Piløts

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This is for science ok. In the comments you can tell me why TØP is your favorite because of course it is.

Fight me

I like TØP because… Um… I’ve heard more of their songs.

lets go boi

Yes TØP is the best.


Oh god why would you make this XD

This is like the “Is water wet” post XD

this post is going to cause matthew and anais to get a divorce

I… uh… i’m not really a fan of either one… but I prefer P!ATD.
I like their songs better.
k bye

I like the most famous TØP songs cause those are the ones I hear xD

I prefer P!ATD tho

But tbh Imagine Dragons is my fav band and P!ATD second

Yeeees! Imagine Dragons is my #1 favorite band with either OneRepublic or P!ATD in second

I Write Sins Not Tragedies is okay, but overall I prefer TØP. Like, their songs are really good depending on how I feel - Not Today makes me feel like nothing can stop me and I’m awesome, Doubt is good when I’m stressing, Heathens is just… Heathens is just good any time.

I have bands that are better than TØP in my opinion; Get Scared, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park etc., but TØP is up there.

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linkin park ftw XD! I dont like top that much and P!atd… I bearly know any of thier songs

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screee i refuse to vote you’re making me choose between my children.

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TØP Forever!!! Closely followed by Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic

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TØP is like 4 to 5 on my favorite artists but number 1 is imagine dragons and I have never heard of P!ATD.

Sorry please don’t hate me


P!ATD is amazing and better than TØP in my opinion, even thou my brother has met both josh dun and tyler joseph since they were born in my city :>


TØP < Paramore < FOB < P!ATD


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P!ATD just has a unique style while TOP goes through the “Trends” in music. Sorry. Gotta go with Panic

I feel like P!ATD isn’t as relatable as TØP for me. It just seems too emo and not actual real life problems


The big thing that makes TØP relatable is that Tyler Joseph knows how to take insecurity, self-doubt, all those teenager feelings, and make a song out of them. He knows how to tell, and show, teenagers that they’re not alone, that other people feel that too. Long story short and put bluntly, P!ATD makes emotions seem like they’re generic. TØP shows they’re not. Of course, that’s just my opinion, and not necessarily the truth.