Tracking the Families of Knockturn! [Family Tree]

I need your help!

I'm attempting to create one vast family map (way too big for a tree) and based on the old forums and the family trees there, I've already started it however I need assistance in connecting the dots and adding the families that are present on modern day Knockturn! <3

Family Tree:

This is the link to be able to comment and view. Feel free to ask to be included and all in this thread, and also if people are having trouble accessing it I’m going to provide a jpeg (you’ll just have to zoom in quite a bit.)

ALSO: If you know of people having server relationships, name changes, etc, or if any of the information is incorrect PLEASE let me know!


I wish you luck on creating this family tree! As of recent days, there’s a very complicated family lol, kids marrying parents, cousins marrying cousins, etc.

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Yikes. Well hopefully creating an outline for everybody can save that from happening?? Lol

@ryder has married many people

Lol who? And do you know their names, (birth and current), genders, and houses? So I can add them.

I married my uncle then my dad OOPS

LOL. do you want me to add u guys?? Or void that from history

OH I think we have a tiny one? might help- I’ll find it and put it here when I find it eventually.

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Thank you! I’m sure it would help.

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image I think there might be some typos but otherwise its a tiny part of ktn

editing this-

I think Emma is somewhere in that- somehow… (no clue how)

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Sami Spiritus (Hunter) was Ryan and Sam Starling’s son then I, Bellona Spiritus (Moore), am his kid with idk who LOL

then I have Gabby Spiritus (Wells?) and Lily Spiritus (Mather) via immaculate conception

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Seph and Cora had Adair as a child, I think Penny was also the daughter of Crystal and Ryder and in all honesty I have no clue who I am in this mess xD

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I know Penny was the daughter of Crystal and Ryder now that you mention it

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Penelope Stone (female, hufflepuff), is another child of Crystal and Ryder. Becky Delacour (female, ravenclaw) is also my sister/child of Daniel and Crystal. Also Becky has kids (with her divorced husband aka Julian Richards aka Rachel Richards) listed in the photo Ava sent in this thread. Winter Rose (female, slytherin) is another child of Crystal and Ryder. Then yeah just look at Ava’s images for a lot of connections between people lol.

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Oh also, I have two kids (I’ve married and divorced 3 guys so idk who the right father is lol so no need to put them). Shay Savage (female, hufflepuff) & Draco Schoenheit (male, slytherin). Also, you don’t have to edit the message thing if you don’t want to but technically I have 12 other parents lol (that’s gotta be like a knockturn record).

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uhh from my part, Bethie Malfoy is my mother and Meow my cousin, i haven’t actually married anyone, and my kids are Halia (F), Harry (Barnes) Malfoy (M), Rose Malfoy (F) and Melissa Malfoy (F) (all fatherless and Slytherin)

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So then does Meow have parents that are a sibling of Bethie? As in, are they actually in the game or is that just the narrative that has been set in stone basically.

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Define narrative set in stone lol. None of it is canon nor necessarily server endorsed, just people marrying/adopting at will. Some get the name change, some are fam without sharing the same name

Most ppl have formed their own family units and then just kept growing. Gracen was part of or knew a family that connected many family names waaaay back in the day. Jordan adopted like 4 parents and 5 siblings into a group chat. Then went around adopting more parents and then children outside of the group.
Jordan’s descendants (users jordan adopted) then apparently inherited that trait and adopted many others too.


Oh, haha. I just mean’t “set in stone” as in does Meow actually have parents that are related to Bethie’s parents that make them cousins? Or did they just deicde that Meow would be Bethie’s cousin. Since as you said non of it is canon or server endorsed, I was trying to insinuate whether or not they decided to roleplay as if Meow was always Bethie’s cousin or if there was some sort of adoption situation there, if that makes sense.

Melissa is my only sister not niece, as i sponsored her name change and Bethie Malfoy has been my aunt since I joined. <3
As for more family lore, I had married Bella Scarlet (Lizzie Scarlet is my sister) and Erza Scarlet is mine and Bella’s daughter, (through Lizzie is only active Scarlet now). Bella and I are the founders of the small yet mighty Scarlet name.
Thought id reply here as i dont wanna ruin the tree as I don’t know how to use the system

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