Trapped in the game

Hi everyone. so this will be my first rp that i will have made. this one is based around the concept of Sword art online. meaning we are trapped inside a video game and if you die in there you die in real life. the game is a mmorpg where there are monsters, magic and fighting. the goal is to beat the game to get out. to beat the game you have to beat the final boss. so every one will start by logging into the game and starting to play. later they will find out they cant log out. you can choose from many different types of fighting for your character. (will be listed down below.)
now this is like a actual video game. you have MP and HP. you have items that can restore those two along with ability’s as well.
(Types of magic
Fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, healing, illusion, boost, effect, Gravity. Note gravity is advanced magic so not alot of people can use it. There’s also fuison magic but that’s advanced magic as well.)
(Those wanting to be archers can use small secondary weapons for up close like daggers.)
(people wanting to use like swords but want to use magic can but can only use some of the following magic. healing, boost, effect. note it will not be very powerful though.)


  1. all major battles will be voted on
  2. no bad language
  3. be kind and have fun.

here is the template
choice of fighting: (magic, swords, bows, daggers ect. just check the weapon with me first.)
Profession (now this is like if you want to have a cool ability. this would be like a blacksmith. able to make potions or like being able to cook or enchanting weapons. just make sure you check with me first.)

You have any questions just pm me.

Name: Antheia (‘Ann’) Parkes
Weapon: Magic (Illusion + Healing) & two daggers on hand just in case
Gender: Female
Description/Personality: Antheia is a relatively reserved person, keeping to herself and preferring to blend in to the shadows, doing as she pleases and achieving her goals in quiet. She doesn’t really like putting herself out there, but she had a few close friends. The 5’ 2" brunette always kept her hair in two plaits, parted in the middle, and wore a pair of circular glasses which gave off a Harry Potter-eqsue vibe. Although she’s never been tested, it’s assumed her IQ is around 140 and she has exceptional analytical and strategizing skills, preferring to make the plans and have others carry them out. She was never made for fighting, having studied the concepts but never able to put them into practice herself, so in game she uses illusions to trip people up and aid her team while healing those she can. She’s always hidden and rarely reveals herself to anyone when in battle, many believing that she simply disappears after she aids them in strategizing for the fight. Downfall wise, her two greatest weaknesses are her defensiveness as she will stand by her strategy no matter what (basically defending it to near death) and her constant concern for others, commonly getting distracted by her concern for others at the worst moments. Oh yea, just like (mostly) everyone else, she’s also terrified of death - so you can be sure she will be maxing her HP as quickly as she can.
Background: Growing up in London, most kids usually found her name funny, unsure of where such an obscure name would have come from. Most had rather English sounding names, and the name Antheia didn’t fit in as one would expect, thank her Greek Mythology obsessed parents for that. After a few years of schooling she was fed up with the teasing and began to use a nickname, Ann, whenever anyone asked her name. Some of her closer friends also started calling her Tea, although it definitely isn’t her favorite name. Overall she wasn’t too special or anything in her life, mostly keeping to her self, although her grades were exceptional. She was also on the chess team, her analytical prowess and strategizing making her a perfect fit for the team. Video games are her escape from the normal world, VR allowing her to use her strategizing abilities and have fun simultaneously while making friends on line, much more than she ever did in person.
(note: I personally suck at chess, whoops, let’s ignore that fact - I at least know how the game works?)
Specialty: She’s a good potioneer, healing potions being her ‘specialty.’

(note #2: since they just got in the game, obviously she’s not a good potioneer yet, nor have her abilities really been developed or anything, but that was pretty much everything I came up with in the past 20ish minutes xD… I also realize now how long this is, whoops haha)

(That makes a good point. So thank you. Everyone will start out at low power. Kinda like you were level 1. Exept for the villain.)

Name: zane kento
choice of fighting: duel wields. (Note in this duel wielding is not a rare skill. Anyone can use it.)
gender: male
Description/Personality: (he’s main chreachter XD) he is tall with blue eyes and white hair. Is nice and kind. Will fight for what he think is right. Wants to help his friends get free.
Background: Zane grew up in new york. He was picked on alot so he stayed in doors and played video games alot. He felt alive in the gaming world. Name any game most likely he has played it. When he found out about vr her jumped on it. So when edorin online came out. (Name of the game.) He got it right away.
(Btw if when we start if any one wants to be in a group with zane just say your friends with him.)
Profession: blacksmith.

Name: Selvester Waver
choice of fighting: Magic, skilled in all areas if magic but sticks to earth and fire the most.
gender: Male
Description/Personality: Dah Villian >:3 Selvester’s character is surprisingly short, has long black hair, blood red eyes, and is suprisingmy slim. In the real world he was know as the rock scientist for his crazy physical size. He’s quiet level headed, but can get worked up easily if you know how to. He isn’t dumb either, developing the game has it’s uses if you’re the villian.
Background: Imma skip this :3
Specialty: Making people feel like crap and then killing them.

(XD the villain is born XD)

Name: Leamod Hart
choice of fighting: Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow!
gender: male
Description/Personality: He really likes nature and he seems to always be happy, he is very strong and agile, he is 6’5".
Background: He grew up in america and took an interest in hunting, he used a bow cause bows are better, he loves video games with bows, he’s very accurate when he’s playing, his video game character is awesome with the bow.
specialty: Archery

(I pull the plug to the computer, “I did it”!!)

(XD exept it’s the same thing as in SAO. You pull the plug your vr set shocks your brain frying it and killing you.)

(here you are @Celebi @LucyHeartfilia)

Name: Bob Wood
choice of fighting: Sword and shield (are shields aloud?)
gender: Male
Description/Personality: In the virtual world, Bob is a very excitable person and always rushes to battle. He’s also quite careless, yet in the real world he’s shy and barely talks. In the virtual world, he has built quite a reputation. His appearance is messy brown hair, blue eyes that seem to tell people his personality, he’s quite skinny, as he always spends his free time gaming and forgets to eat sometimes.
Background: Bob has an uneventful background in London, because of this he games a lot and tries to have an eventful life in the virtual world.
specialty: In every game he plays a knight and uses swords, shields and things. He’s also good on horses.

(So it seemed there were some misunderstandings with the specialty. There meant to be like professions. So jobs you could Dom foe example. Blacksmith. Potion master. A cook. A enchanter. A engineer. A leatherworker. Stuff like that. Sorry for the confusion.)

(Are there guilds like the Knights of the Blood Oath in this rp?)

(Yes there will be guilds bit not the same as in sao. As this happens in a alternate universe.)

Name: Tatiana Ellis
Choice of Fighting: Mage, but she also carries a single dagger for melee combat.
Gender: Female
Description/Personality: She is a natural leader, implementing plans with a group of people and being able to take charge of a daunting situation. She often faces danger head-on and doesn’t hesitate to go for whatever she does, because she knows from her experience that seconds wasted could mean the difference between success and failure. She doesn’t have many close friends, but she is willing to protect anyone she deeply cares about and risk her life for them. Sometimes, her audacity can get her into dangerous situations that she can’t navigate, and she’s stubborn to no end, but she mostly has others’ interests at heart. Often times, she’ll go completely silent when in deep thought, which confuses many who know her to be the talkative, assertive person she displays to others and in group situations. She’s afraid of showing insecurity or weakness in front of other people, so she tries to hide her flaws and doubts, but this practice only makes them come to the surface.
Background: She grew up in Liverpool, England, and never really fit in with her peers. She often felt isolated and alone, having few friends with whom she could talk to or confide in. Often times, this was because she was too “intense,” and while her peers just sat down and did work, she would go the extra mile and showcase her creativity. She dreams of being an author and creating her own fictional worlds, and the release of the game allowed her to play in one. While playing the game, she could be the cool, confident mage with many friends and no worries… up until recent events began to unfold.
Profession: Enchanter

(@LucyHeartfilia no one knows you can’t log out yet. Not until the rp starts. Then it will be announced. So that means no one has died from the game yet. In the rp the game has just came out when we start and people are logging in for the first time.)

(@Geentiger829 good to start yet? XD)

(Alright time to start.)
Zane had been waiting I’m line for 3 days to get edorin online. After so long he finally got it. He ran home popped it in and put on his nerve gear. Game start it said. Zane thought yes and it started. The gear scanned your face and then made your avatar look like you. Zane was teleported to the starting area.
(After everyone has logged in then every one can notice the log out button is gone.)

Selvester paced around the medow admiring his digital body. “Amazing it turned out better then I hoped.” A large evil smirk formed on his face. “Eveythimg is going according to plan. Already 20 thousand copies sold.”

Bob hadn’t waited long for the game at his local game shop. He had brought a copy sprinted home loaded up the game and was already standing in edorin online. He looked at his avatar and realised how the avatar looked exactly like him, freaky he thought. He looked in his inventory, 500 coins to start him of. He would buy himself a sword, shield and a bit of armour then go and grind for xp.