[Tutorial] Creating a Towny in the Towny world

Here is a guide on how to start a towny world and how to use the basic towny commands.
Read here for more detail.

Please note
To create a town, it costs $10000 in
TOWNY money.
Each new plot will cost $5000.

You get towny money by using the /sell command while there.
The money does not transfer.

How To Make A Town

Step 1:
Find a place to start your town. Make sure it is away from other towns and in an area you like.
Don’t choose a mountain or a cliff, this will make it harder to create plots and such.
Oceans aren’t that great either.

Step 2
Use /town new [name-of-town] when standing in the area that you would like to claim as the town spawn.
The place where you stand will be the exact town spawn, so choose carefully.

Step 3
Use /town deposit [amount-of-money] to put money in your town bank.
You can use this to buy town plots and to create a nation later, if you choose to.

Step 4
Use /town claim to claim more plots for your town.
Each plot is 20x20 and goes all the way from bedrock to build limit.

Step 5
Use /town add [username] to invite people to your town.
They don’t need to accept or anything, once they are invited, they are part of the town.

Step 6
Be creative and have fun. The whole point of towny isn’t to try and get the biggest town possible, although that is fun.
The point of towny is to create and manage your own town.
Make laws that your people must follow, create a massive city with skyscrapers and everything.
The possibilities are endless.
At the end of the day, it’s your imagination that will make the best town, not your knowledge of how to use the plugin.

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