[Tutorial] Exploding Snaps - Knockturn Uno

Exploding snaps is pretty much Uno in the Wizarding World, but for those who don’t know what Uno is, or how to join/create a game, this tutorial will show you everything you need to know about snaps.

To quit a game of snaps, do /snaps quit, and you will leave a game.

First of all, you need a deck.
You can either buy a standard deck from Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes in Diagon Alley for 25 galleons, or you can join someone else’s Exploding Snaps game by right clicking the white bunny that is put on the floor.

Your inventory will be cleared once you join a game, or you start one.
Don’t worry, your stuff will come back once you quit the game or the game ends.

Once the deck is placed down, players have 30 seconds to join the game before it starts (It is possible to play with yourself, yes).
After the 30 seconds, a random mob with a random number/card will be placed down.

The standard “colors” are Toadstool (Red), Kitty (Yellow), Rabbit (Blue), and Puffskein (Green).
The numbers and cards are all the same as in the normal game (0-9, Reverse, Draw two, etc).
(some decks have special mobs)

For those who don’t know how to play Uno, these are what the cards do:

Uno Rules

Reverse: Reverses the rotation of player turns
​Draw Two: Makes the person going after you draw two cards, and move onto the next person​
​Skip: Skips the person going after you
​Draw 4/Wild card: Changes the color of the current card (Draw 4 makes the person after you draw 4 cards and moves onto the next person)

​​Let’s say that there is a Toadstool Three put down, and it’s your turn.
You could either place down any card with a Toadstool, or place down any card that has a 3 on it, and change the color.
Another example would be a Rabbit Eight, you could either place down any Rabbit card, or any Eight card and change the color.

There might be a time where you don’t have any cards to play.
Simply just say ‘draw’ in chat and it will give you a card and move onto the next person in the rotation.
A Draw 4 card, or a Wild card can be used to change the color of the deck. If you put it down, just say the color (Red/Yellow/Blue/Green) in chat, or the mob (Toadstool/Kitty/Rabbit/Puffskein) will work as well.

Just a fair warning: You can die from the Toadstool if you physically run into it too many times, as it can take half a heart