[Tutorial] Gobstones - Knockturn Marbles

So you want to play gobstones do you? Well, let me tell you, I don’t blame you, who wouldn’t wanna play something written by McMonkey himself.

Make sure you have particles on before trying to play!

Step One
Buy gobstones! You can get these at Weasley Wizards Wheezes in diagon! They are one galleon each for the starter bunch!

Step Two
Find a gobstones arena! There are many around, but the easiest is the one in the corner of the entrance courtyard!

Step Three
Start a game! do /gobstone start #.
You can put the # as up to 10 rounds.
ie /gobstone start 10 or even as low as 1
/gobstones start 1

Step Four
To play, hold the gobstone in your hand. Look at where you want to throw (while inside the arena) and right click.

Get the ball you throw as close to the white ball as possible.

You can’t stand too close to the white stone
You have to be standing in the gobstones arena
You only get one turn per round

Winning a game gives you xp.