[Tutorial] How to Floo - Use Floo Network

Floo is a very efficient way to get around the school and server if you have already used your homes.
There are some common places that have floo connected to them and I am going to tell you how to get there in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Buy some floo powder. You can buy floo powder from Wiseacre’s Equipment in Diagon Alley (4th store on the right side of main street) for 2 sickles. You will get a stack of floo powder.

Step 2: Go to the fireplace in the leaky cauldron or great hall. (Other floo fireplaces will work but these are popular places that are easy to get to.)

Step 3: Throw the floo powder into the flame. Once thrown, in green particles will appear in the flames. If this doesn’t happen, try a new fireplace.

Step 4: After you see the green particles then walk into the flame and say where you want to go. Some popular places include: ‘great hall’ , ‘ministry’ , ‘leaky cauldron’ , ‘hagrids hut’

If you are not able to be ‘floo-ed’ to the destination, make sure you’re standing in the whole flame. Also make sure you are spelling the place right. If you do both of those and it still won’t work then do /switch. Once in towny you can do /spawn and stand on the pressure plate at spawn.

Sidenote: If you dont say the name fast enough you may catch fire. Or, if you spell it wrong you may get taken to an incorrect place. There are many floo places so have fun