[Tutorial] How to vote for galleons

Step 1: Make sure you are somewhere on the Hogwarts server. Great hall, a common room, Diagon Alley, the forbidden forest.
Towny, Mordonia, and other servers do NOT count.
Mordonia has it’s own voting system. This is strictly for galleons.

Step 2: Type /vote

Step 3: Choose ONE of the sites for now.

Step 4: Do the captcha correctly. caps it if required.

Step 5: Type your IGN - username. Make sure it is capitalized and spelled properly.

[details=Examples]Character name - Hari Bell
IGN - EHari (not ehari or Ehari)

Character name - Maximilian Walcott
IGN - KathoLP (not katholp, kathoLP, or other varients)[/details]

Step 6: Submit, but do NOT close the page. Wait a minute or two for the system to register your vote.

Step 7: Repeat for the other sites.