[Tutorial] Temporary FAQ


What are the server rules?

The server rules are located here. Check back often, as they often change or new rules are added.

How do I restart?

We don’t allow you to restart, because then it would not be fair should you get a canon last name, etc, etc. If you wish to ‘restart’ the only method of doing so would be to buy an alternate account.

How do I change houses?

Changing house is not permitted, since all house are equal and no house is better than the other, you should be set. Allowing users to change houses would cause an unfair unbalance in the server, as of right now, all the houses are pretty much 25% of the server, some have more active users than others, but for the most part, it’s equal.

[details=How do I change my name?]If you are brand new and set your firstname as your username, you can change your first name for free while your name is still pink.
However, after that all name changes cost 600 galleons for one name, and 1000 for both.
Last names have special rules, such as if there is already a family with that name or if it is canon you must be adopted in or married in to get it. Otherwise, if you would like a custom last name, then you simply have to ask and we will change it. You must contact an OWNER to change this using /helpop.[/details]

What Staff Ranks are there?

You can apply for the following staff ranks:
Builder, Moderator, Professor Assistant, Professor, Lore Team or Helper.
To become a texture artist, you contact Liam.
To become a Developer, you contact Crystal Bell, if you want to work on backend development, and Pandetta Bell, if you wish to work on front-end development.
Regardless of rank you would still have to apply on the forums.

[details=How do I identify who is staff and who is not? - Needs an update]
You identify staff by the brackets around their year and house. If they are red, then they are admin or higher. If they are blue, they are minimod or higher. Professors do not have bracket colors. Additionally, doing /list will reveal their actual rank.[/details]

[details=How do I apply for staff?]
To apply for staff you must be year two, have discord (and be active on it), and fill out an application in the staff application’s section of our forum.
Depending on the role, you may be asked certain amounts of questions/have further requirements.[/details]

[details=How do I donate to the server?]Use This Link to enter the Knockturn Donation Store.
Any items in the store are purely cosmetic and does not give any advantages other than looking absolutely spiffy!
Donations go DIRECTLY to funding the server are will never be paid out to the owner as a means of earning money.[/details]

Why was x person banned?

If someone was banned, the is generally a reason, we don’t ban for simply disliking someone. Usually this reason is in the ban message, which is globally announced to encourage transparency between Staff and Users.

How do I get unbanned?

If you think your ban is not fair, you can appeal in the ban appeals section of the forum

[details=Who should I ask if I have a problem?]Before asking anyone else, you should always direct your questions to a moderator.
If they are not online, or they have stated they simply don’t know the answer, you can ask an admin.
Don’t message an owner directly, unless this FAQ or an admin specifically says. Why not? Won’t they know the answer immediately?
While they may be true, owners have more duties than just attending to new users.
They are also responsible for resolving conflicts on staff, setting up new areas, additionally each one have specific focus areas and are often too busy working on those to be answering questions all the time.
And Pandetta Bell is often coding or dealing with new things or bugs in the server, and asking a question can lead to less new features for everyone.
So we ask that you be patient and direct your questions to moderators whose job is to answer these questions.[/details]

Why am I being told not to mini-mod?

Always our goal is to prevent spam in the server, and often times if someone is a new user they desire to help out. However, if someone starts minimoding (acting like a mod while not being on staff) Then it can cause spam. For example: Chloe: OMG GUYS HI Grace: Caps! Bill: Caps! Andrew: Caps! Alex: Caps!. As you can see, even thought Grace IS a mod, and Andrew is an Adminm the other two, Bill and Alex are not, and as a result, we have caps being said 4x instead of once. In order to reduce this, we only allow moderators to moderate chat and do other moderating things. So please be respectful and if you think someone is breaking the rules and not being warned, message them rather than spamming global with messages about the rules.

Why are users not supposed to help new players?

While we often need lots of mods to help out new players, often times people who are users try to guide people and don’t actually know what they are doing. Often this causes new users to grow frustrated, or for the player trying to help spamming the staff asking questions and demanding they aid right now. Additionally, if the user helping is unaware of certain procedures, they might skip them and the new player might end up without certain things he or she needs in Hogwarts. For this reason, we request that new users let moderators deal with it, that way everyone can start off on the right foot.

Why can't I /spawn in the quidditch pitch?

The quidditch pitch is set so you can’t teleport away from it. This is because if you do teleport away it will attempt to bring you back and in the past has caused issues. This might change soon because of updates to quidditch, but until it changes, we ask that you simply leave the pitch and then go to spawn.

What are chocolate frog cards and why do I have them?

Chocolate Frog Cards are collectable items, you can display them in an apartment or towny house. We ask that you do not display them in Diagon Alley, or in apartments near to the leaky cauldron, because it can cause lag for new users joining. However, it’s a nice thing to have to look at. they do not have any exact value, although some shops allow you to sell/buy them. There are some more rare than others, such as harry, ron, and hermione is more rare than Gwenog Jones.

[details=How do I switch to skyblocks/towny/Any other node?]Use /switch to get to the hub.
You can now click the block with the name of the server you wanted to go to OR walk the way to the portal yourself.[/details]

How do I switch to miningworld?

While in the towny world do /warp miningworld

[details=Someone killed me and took my stuff, is this allowed?]If it is in mining world, yes, otherwise, most likely not.
Contact a moderator if you are killed in your towny town or in the main server and lost your stuff.
Note that Mordonia might have different rules.[/details]

[details=What is Discord and how do I use it?]Discord is much like skype except you don’t require to add people to a friends list nor an account.
You can either download it or use the browser version.
Follow the Discord Link to get on the server.
When on the discord server go to #help and state Name, House and Year.
Once those are granted by an Admin+ you can move freely to open channels.[/details]

Why can't we talk about politics or religion in global?

This is a Harry Potter minecraft server, and it is an international minecraft server, which means that not only is american or british politics or religion not relevent, but it’s not something that should be displayed in global. We allow you to have private debates with your friends in local, but global should be Harry Potter related speech, not anything that can be opposing interests. Additionally, although Knockturn supports all rights to be who you are, anything that included sexism, homophobia, racism, etc, etc cannot be in global, just as much as talking about matters that might not be something that a 9 year old would understand directly should be discussed. While we are perfectly fine with you being Gay, Straight, or bi or a Banana if you so wish, that type of talk should not be in global simply because it’s not related to Harry Potter. So please keep our Global chat neutral and friendly to all.

Why can't I fly in London/Diagon Alley?

The muggles will see you and the wizarding world will be exposed! Duh!

[details=When is class?]Classes are erratic, but we always try to schedule classes within 1-2 hours, however, sometimes that is not possible, simply because we don’t have enough professors on or their time doesn’t allow it.
However, we ask that you don’t request classes in global.
Please be assured that our professors are reminded in staff chat about 3 times per hours, and you asking about it will only make people less likely to want to do it, just like your mom asking you to do the dishes 5x doesn’t make you want to do it.
So please respect that professors do what they can when they can.[/details]

[details=I’m stuck in a door and can’t get out, what do I do?]Clearly you weren’t supposed to go through the secret passage you’re in and you’re trying to go through anyway.
The way you get out, is going to /spawn.
Next time don’t try to hack your way through secret passages.[/details]

[details=I lost my wand! What do I do?]If you lost your wand because you dropped it, then you need to buy a new wand.
If you lost it due to a glitch, please report the glitch on the forums, and Pandetta will be able to identify if it truly was a glitch and replace it if it was.[/details]

A staff member was mean to me! What do I do?

Report it on the forums. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can message Pandetta, Fance, Liam, Lisa or Max and they will try to resolve the issue in a way that doesn’t implicate you.

[details=Do I need a broom for flying class?]Nope, brooms are given out if you don’t have one.
Although we ask that you return them when you do purchase a broom.[/details]

When will the guide to class be here?

Guides ALWAYS leave 10 minutes before a Year One class starts. That means that you have to be in the entrance hall ready to go at 10 minutes to. If you miss the guide, then you must find your own way. We don’t give personal guides to classes, simply because there are too many people to constantly be guiding new people. If you are lagging and the guide is walking too fast, ask them to slow down. We ask that you walk BEHIND the guide, not in front, because a lot of people don’t realize the guide is gone, until they are lost.

I died, where am I?

If you died, you are in the hospital wing or a hospital. In london, the hospital is located in the back of london, past the church and 150 building. The hospital wing in hogwarts is next to the clock tower. In miningworld/towny it is near spawn. After dying, you must wait 3 minutes until you can leave. If another player killed you, 20% of your stuff might have dropped. If you died from something else, all your items should still be there. Skyblocks doesn’t follow this and maintains the normal death penalty.

What is a prefect and how I become one?

A prefect is someone who has the most points in their house and year. There are Two prefects per house/year. IE: Gryffindor 5th year has 2 prefects, Gryffindor 6th year has 2 prefects. Additionally, there is head boy and head girl. This means that a male with the most points that is a prefect, and female with the most points that is a prefect is labelled as the best. If you are a 5th year prefect and become a 6th year and have less points than two of the 6th years, then you will not be prefect. Please note, prefect is a status thing, it does not mean they are staff, and not all prefects will be able to help you, but they more likely know a lot about the server and have worked hard to get their role.

What is headboy/girl and how do I become one?

A prefect of their gender than more points than all the other prefects.

Why is the server down?

If the server is down, it might be down for maintenance or we might have crashed!~ If you don’t see any response from it, post on the help me section of the forums.

[details=I can’t switch ! Help!]If you can’t switch maybe the server you are switching to is down. Please ask in the #help channel in Discord or in the help section of the forums.
Additionally, you might have signed off while flying, this can also be resolved by a moderator, if you are switching and keep getting kicked, contact someone on staff or use irc and it will be resolved![/details]


[details=How do I check my spell level?]Your profile page has all your spell levels.
May be unavailable at times due to updates.[/details]

[details=How do I cast a spell?]Casting spells can be hard at first.
This Youtube Video should help you get going.[/details]

How do I know what tier I am?

If you do a tier 3 spell and it says you cannot, you need to improve tier 1, if you can do tier 4, and it says you cannot you need to improve tier 2. That is how to tell which tier must be worked on.

Why am I being set on fire?

Some spells like incendio and blauflamma have backfires. Keep practicing and it will stop killing you!

Where can I cast pvp spells?

Towny/mining, skyblocks, mob killing areas, and the forbidden forest. Additionally: dueling arenas.

Someone casted on me without my permission, how do I report them?

You should ask in /helpop for help.
Usually we don’t encourage reporting getting casted on unless it is done over and over and turns into harassment.[/details]

How do I get new spells?

There are spell books in flourish n blotts, additionally, some users might share spells with you that might not have been put in the books yet (arania exumai?)

[details=What tier is x spell?]Check the book you think it should be in, and if you do, it should be that tier.
Otherwise, you would have to ask a mod at this moment.[/details]

[details=When can I non-verbal?]Around 3k, if you are gifted in non-verbal less, and if you aren’t, more.
Some changes has been made to this however.[/details]

When can I cast wandlessly?

10k casts on a spell, but please note you still have to have something in your hands due to minecraft mechanics.

How do I get to tier 12?

At the moment we don’t release tier 12 spells, please don’t attempt to perform something of that tier unless given permission, it is most likely off limits.

[details=When can I apparate?]You can apparate whenever you like, but you are most likely not going to be able to until year 6. At year 6 you get a bonus % on apparate and it becomes A LOT easier.
Having an Apparation License is needed however, so apply for one on the forums.[/details]

A spell that is tier # has 1k casts, but I don't have tier #, why not?

Occastionally spells move tiers. Just keep practicing!


Is there a book about how to make certain potions?

There is a potions book in flourish n Blotts

I got polluted water! Help me!

Make sure you are using the correct brewing stand. The one of the table versus on the cauldron are VERY different.

Why can't I make regular minecraft potions in towny?

Because we only allow potions from harry potter there.

Are normal minecraft potions enabled in skyblocks?

For now, but in the future when we have way more potions in our potion plugin, we hope to add it to skyblock too.


How do I know if my plant needs more or less sunlight?

You don’t, you have to know the plant to know which way it should go. It’s part of learning how to take care of plants.

[details=Help! I can’t find where I placed my plant!]The location of your plant pot is in the “lore” it the plant item.
Press f3 and go looking.[/details]

How do I take care of my plant?

Your herbology teacher will probably provide stats on the different plants. Follow the instructions and you will probably end up with a full grown plant.


What do Pets do?

Follow you around, what does your pet do irl? certainly not your homework!

My pet is hungry! What food do I feed it?

TODO: Pet’s preferred foods.

Will my pet really die of old age?

Yes. It can also starve to death.

I lost my pet! Help! How do I find it?

It’s probably hidden, get a leash from the Magical Menagerie and then click the icon for the pet you want out.

I can't rename my pet anymore! How do I get more renames?

Sorry, you only get 3 renames.

Leveling Up

How much xp do I need to level up?

year * 10k.

Why do I need house points to level up?

That way you have to actually go to classes of course!

Do my house points roll over?

Yes, if you earn 50 points in year one, you will have 50 points in year two

If I level up at 100% do I keep the excess xp?

No. When you start the next year, you start at 0 xp.

How do I earn xp?

TODO: All the ways to earn xp + how much per method.

How do I earn points?

Answering questions in class and doing homework.

Why can't I get points for just being awesome?

Because then everyone would have a million points! duh!

[details=Why do I have negative points?]You probably did something bad and got penalized. Make sure you follow rules!
Getting too far into the negatives might get you tempbanned as well.[/details]

What happens when I am year 7 and have 100% xp and all my house points?

Well, if you click the sign you graduate from hogwarts!


How do I fly?

TODO: explain flying

I died while flying into a block! ITS A GLITCH!

Well if you smack your head into a ceiling it would probably hurt too! Don’t run into things!

How do I join the quidditch team?

Each team is different, contact the captain of the quidditch team.

Why am I lagging about on my broom?

You’re not lagging, the broom is tossing you about, practice riding it and it will stop.

How do I see my broom xp level?

TODO: add profile link

How long does it take to get one level on a broom?

Approximate 50 minutes. A blue bottle requires 5 levels, and a starsweeper requires about 21, so you can tell how many hours you need to fly for to get that.

Why are brooms so expensive?

Do you think it’s EASY to make a broom? They are of fine quality and have to be made and designed and tested! Come now! it’s a lot of work!

How fast is my broom?

TODO: brooms descriptions.


How do I got to class?

A guide will leave 10 minutes before class if you are going to a 1st year class. Otherwise you must find your own way.

Where is the guide?

In the entrance hall 10 minutes before class

What are the class rules?

TODO: basic class rules

Why are the teachers so strict?

Professors have a lot of content to get through per lesson, and they don’t want to go over 1 hour of class, because that is their limit. A lot of rule breaking results in extended classes that can be tiresome for professor or go over the time they need to get off. For this reason, they crack down on speaking out so they have time to get to everything.

Why is the class closed?

A lot of people who join after the rules have been said end up breaking the rules and saying they didn’t know. Because of this classes usually close after the rules have been said.

Why was I kicked from class?

You probably broke a rule. Don’t break rules and you won’t get kicked.

Why does x teacher not accept notes?

Ask yourself “Does my teacher irl give me better grades for writing down word for word what they said during class”

Why am I getting an afk warning?

To prevent people from xp harvesting and afking in class, an afk timer is set up so you must be active. To get rid of it, you can speak in house chat or click your left hand on a block.

Why didn't I get all the xp?

You probably went afk for a time.

Why can't there be class all the time?

Professors are volunteers and they have lives. They do what they can, but they can’t always do it 100% of the time.

[details=When is class?]/class time and /date shows planned classes. Sometimes it doesn’t have a lcass, other times 3, it depends on who can do class when.
How do I know when a class will be if it’s not on the schedule?
You have to be patient. Classes are announced and can be heard no matter which world you are on, so just wait for an announcement in global.[/details]

Why don't we learn a spell in every class?

Not all classes have spells, and not all spells are taught. Most spells are in the SBOS

Why can't I guide for the class?

Because you might get lost and we have no way to ascern that. Professors and their assistants can guide, and if not, then a moderator.

Why can't I be the teachers assistant?

You have to apply and be accepted on the forums. Then a professor has to decide they actually want you to help them, some will not.

Why is x staff member sitting in the front of the classroom?

If they are not the professor, supervisor, or an assistant, please screen shot and report on the forums. They know they should be in a normal desk.

Why does the professor say I am using /me to speak out?

/me should be used for actions like: /me opens the book or /me is hungry. Using /me to say something like: /me thinks the answer is Saturn or /me I don’t care what you think is not allowed and is the same as speaking out, because it’s just speech in /me form. Please only use it for actions, and you won’t get in trouble.

Why can't I just roleplay during class?

Because it can be distracting, the amount of roleplay in a class is up to the professor, and you must respect their wishes.

What if I fail an exam?

You simply won’t get the full amount of points.

What if I don't do the homework?

Then you don’t get points for it.

Can I fail the class?

It’s not possible to fail a class.


[details=What is gobstones?]Gobstones is basically wizard marbles. You need to throw your gobstone at the white ball and get it as close to it as possible. But you must be away from the white ball when you do.
Tutorial here

Where do I get a gobstone?

Weasley Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley

What is Exploding snaps?

It’s basically uno with noises.

[details=How do I play exploding snaps?]You need to either join a game by right clicking on the npc in the middle or start it by putting down a snaps deck. Then you right click the card you wish to play. If you have no cards to play say draw. If you put down a wild, you need to say the color/animal name such as “rabbit” or “blue” to get the color.
Tutorial here[/details]

How do I quit exploding snaps?

/snaps quit

Where do I get the exploding Snaps deck?

Weasley Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley.

How do I join dueling?

Enter a dueling arena’s home region and do /duel join

Where can I duel?

In the dueling arena near ravenclaw tower, or the arena out by quidditch.

What if I die in dueling, do I lose my stuff?


[details=I am still blind/dizzy after dueling, how do I remove the effects!]Ask someone to cast the counterspell on you.
If there is no counterspell, endure the effect.
If it lasts forever, post on the Help section.[/details]

If I die in dueling, do I die in real life?

yes, absolutely not.

What is quidditch?

It’s a game that is played in the wizarding world. It has 3 types of balls, quaffle ,bludger, and snitch. The quaffle has no enchantments and is passed between the chasers until they can score it in the goal. The keep tries to keep the enemy team from scoring. The beaters hit the black balls called bludgers as the bludgers attempt to knock people off their brooms. The seeker searches for the golden snitch a tiny ball that flies very fast and is difficult to find and be caught.

[details=How do I play quidditch?]First do /switch.
Then use the blocks/walk to the quidditch portal to enter the Quidditch server.
Go to the quidditch tent and click the sign. When this happens you select your role and team. Then you wait for the game to start.[/details]

How do I quit a quidditch game?

Click the quit button in the quidditch sign.

Do I get xp from quidditch?

You only get xp if you win in a game that has 10 or more players.

Why are those black balls making me dizzy?

Bludgers, try not to get hit by one.

I can't find the snitch! It must not exist!

I promise you it does exist, you just need to find it!

The quaffle disappear! Where did it go?

If it’s not touched for 10 seconds it will go to the center of the field.

Hogwarts House

What hogwarts house is the best?

All hogwarts houses have their goods and bads.

[details=What does my house mean?][color=#860909]Gryffindor:[/color]
Positives: Brave, friendly, honorable.
Negatives: Die young, self centered
In game specialty: Most great Duelers are gryffindor. Best Quidditch team.

Positives: Smart, studious, value knowledge
Negatives: Arrogant
In game specialty: Usually win the house cup, always attends class

Positives: Hardworking, Loyal, Good finders
Negatives: Thought to be stupid, Might party a little too hard
In game specialty: Usually builders, tend to stick together,very kind and helpful.

Positives: Leadership, Achievement, Power
Negatives: Backstabbing, Narcissistic
In game Specialty: Tend to apply for staff, Knights of Walpurgis[/details]

How do I find my house password?

/house in the HP server

How do I become head of house?

The Owners selects you.

How do I become a prefect for my house?

Have more points than the people listed as prefects for that year. 5th - 7th year only.

[details=How do I get a bed?]Go to your dorms.
You already have a bed and the trunk is locked to you only.[/details]

No one is responding to my /helpop's, what do?

Check to see if someone is on to answer with /list if not ask in global.


Does the chamber of secrets exist?

Yes, but it is not open

Does the room of requirement exist?

Not yet.

[details=Does Hogsmeade exist?]Yes. You are able to own a shop/house in it.
It is only open to Year 3+[/details]

Does the Ministry of Magic exist?

Yes, use floo powder and say ministry to go there.

How do I get to class?


How do I get back to London?


[details=How do I get back to Hogwarts?]Use the path, or using floo say "greathall"
If you were helped getting sorted there is a chance you have a home there.
Use /home to check[/details]

Help, I am stuck in mining world, how do I get back to Hogwarts?

/switch, or if you keep getting kicked, ask for help in global and a mod will be able to get you unkicked for flying, which is most likely the issue.

Earning Money

How do I earn money?

TODO: List ways to earn

Why can't my towny money switch to the main world?

Because towny money is earned from the /sell command which is not permitted in main world.

Why can't I bring skyblocks galleons to the main world?

Because skyblocks is entirely separate from the rest of the server

Why don't we just have server shops to sell things?

Because we are trying to encourage user shops and killing mobs/ future quests.

I bought something but my galleons disappeared help!

Most likely your galleons appear missing but if you relog they will return

What is the fastest way to get galleons?

At this time, killing mobs is probably the best method.


What mobs exist?

TODO: list of all mobs.

Where are they?

Refer to What Mobs Exist.

How do I kill x mob?

There are special spells for each mobs, you can check the spell books, or use another spell that attacks. Some spells are passed around from user to user, so try and ask another student.

Will more mobs be released?


X mob is too difficult! Why can't it be easier?

Because we try to have mobs level up as you get better at spells that way upperclassmen fight mobs that were too hard as a first year.


Can you TP me to x location?

No, /tp is something moderators have to get to a new user, or use with their friends, nothing else.

[details=How do I use floo powder?]Thow the floo powder in the first, wait for it to turn green, walk into the fire, say the location, and you will be brought there. If you misspell it, you might end up somewhere else.
Tutorial here[/details]

How do I use a broom?

TODO: broom use

[details=How do I apparate?]If you are a high enough level, perform the spell. That will train it. Once it is high enough apply for a license to be able to apparate.
If you want to apparate to a person with /sidealong on do apparate p: . It is recommended to wait to 6th year or you might die.[/details]

What are portkeys?

They are objects enchanted to take you places. Right now they are not used, but in the future you may find them used more than not.