Two Years Already, Oof

Heyo! it’s yo girl Kiara here, and um… gosh, I don’t know how to do this, since Oph stole the 1-year post… well, this is actually two years for both of us, since we joined at the same time! Fancy. Anyway! When we first came onto Knockturn on April 1, 2016, we both took the house quiz and everything, and I prayed I would get Gryffindor since that’s my Pottermore house and what I personally think suits me best; both my current traits and the traits I aspire to have. Oph and I didn’t have a helper with us, so we just used the guide to figure out everything we needed to get… I was kind of religious about getting every single thing on that list. Heh. Oph was slightly more carefree than I was, not bothering to buy every single textbook (psh, I like those textbooks). We went to Hogwarts together, and both of us got into Gryffindor, which was great since Gryffindor is the house we both actually fit into! \o/ Over the course of time, I watched Oph become a helper, then professor, then P.A. afterward, and she made so many friends, whereas I was too shy to make friends and too scared to apply for anything, fearful of screwing up a job. Often times, I felt pretty lonely, not wanting people to dislike me but too scared to talk to them… but everything would change pretty soon when I finally got confidence lmao. On to Mord! So, Oph and I always loved making up stories about medieval/fantasy worlds, and we were obsessed with that time period in general, so Mordonia was like the manifestation of our dreams. When it merged with Knockturn, I knew that I would definitely be joining the server, but I could have never imagined being where I am now. I forget what the issue was, but something wasn’t working with my whitelist application, so I was bitter for a week I had to watch Oph play without meh ;-; before it worked again and I finally joined as Kira Perrot. Ophelia Larrouse, my sister’s character, lived in Thalsted, so I joined Murkwell, living a happy life there and having a blast. I was slightly envious of Oph becoming a Mord helper, wanting to apply but fear overtaking me every time I thought about it, so I just brushed it off, deciding not to apply. Then Oph moved to Ardua, and, being her sister, I wanted to come with her. Part of my character’s backstory revolved around Kira being extremely loyal to Murkwell, basically never leaving it, so I decided to start anew and killed Kira off by having her get trapped under the ice between Murkwell and Ardua. Cue Evangeline Deroulade! She was a fun one to play. As Evangeline, I finally mustered enough courage to do it… I applied for Mordonia helper, and got accepted thank goodness… didn’t see that one coming! After being in Ardua for a while and living a happy life, a lot of people left, and I moved to Rahsaken, chilling there; little did I know, I would be quite involved with Rahsaken later ;>. Soon after, the Killing Event came around. I couldn’t not do it… even though it meant death for my character, I was obsessed with Danganronpa anyone else a Sonia fan around here? She was my favorite character <3 previously, so I knew what this whole thing was from the start (I was down for it, man). Sure enough, Evangeline got killed (even though I couldn’t make it to the event lmao), so I then named myself Felicia and received the last name Nafarroa… I was initially like “wut” upon getting it, but I eventually accepted it. I was then promoted to Mod, which shocked me didn’t see that one coming either lmao. I then moved to Llynea, and finally got my first rank, Barkeep, and then Brewer. For a while, life was good, but academic stress then came in, and I couldn’t handle making 10 hours a week, so I resigned and took an MIA. I came back on, simply enjoying life as a regular player, but I wanted to apply for Helper again, missing interacting with newbs and answering tickets. Before I reapplied, however, I saw an opportunity IRP that would change the course of my time on Knockturn. Felicia had recently lost the tavern, so there was nothing for me to do anymore, and I didn’t really create a background or a personality for her, so I knew it was time to make a new character, and I applied to be Millicent Immelman, the daughter of Rosaline and Anastasia. I’m glad I did, because I then met Kat, Ashlee, and Luke brooo, who are fabulous in every way :heart:, and I finally had a family I could chill and RP with. I applied for Mord helper again and was welcomed back, and to my delight, I continued the job of taking tickets and helping newbs. The family had a lot of escapades IRP, and I met so many people and made so many more friends, which caused me to feel much more connected to everybody here. It took two years, but I finally made friends and broke my little bubble of shyness… and boy, am I glad I did! Over the years, I’m proud to have made such amazing friends and contributed to the server, even if my contributions have been small and pretty meaningless cri. Now, er, time for shoutots!

Oph- My sis, you’ve always been there for me and so supportive of everything… we got into this together, and we stayed together, no matter what. Ima cut this one short because everything I’m saying here, you already know, and I can easily tell you all this sappy stuff irl.

Kat- Oof, I’m sorry Millie’s a bad lil rascal :heart: Thank you for being an amazing RP mom and friend, and I’m happy to have met you and laughed with you! Millie gon try not to stress Rosaline out as much xD

Ashlee- Ashlee bb, thank you for adopting me IRP and being my friend ooc; you’ve always been so nice (and funny), and I’ve had a really fun time in vcs with you (as well as watching that weird anime with you) whai did you leave us ma ;-; Millie shall never forget Ana :heart:

Luke- BROOOO. I’m happy we became bros on the server (yes, bros, since Millie is manly man). It’s been amazing talking to you in all le chats (remember that one time we attacked Cairo in Tarlus- imeanwut), and you have been best bro :heart:. Millie’s stoked for that wedding (11/10 best man), and even though we kill each other with spells, I will always protecc Matthew and attacc anyone who snatches him (grrrrar)

Gabby- BB :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you for always being there for me, and I’m glad to have become friends with you over the course of time, since you are most fab :heart: Lillie is otp of all timeee \o/ ilsym bb :heart: snatched

Lizzie- Lizzie bb, thank you for being so nice to me and becoming friends with me when I was a lil unsure staffy just trying to do things right :heart: I’m also glad Millie and Karlia got to be friends irp, and ily bb :heart:

Kath: Yaaaas, ty for taking me in when I moved to Ardua and putting up with me, even though you didn’t know me that well; also ty for taking care of mai bro (Lord knows he needs le care sometimes-- imeanwut) :heart: Keep on being the fab avocado you are \o/

Ginny- SISS :heart: Ty for being best sis (well, irp, Oph would murder me if I meant irl xD) both you and Willow es fab, and keep on being fab! \o/

Smol- Smol :heart: Thank you for being a friend I can count on, as well as the most smol Smol to ever smol in the history of Smol (k I’m done xD)

Bell- Grandma :heart: jk pls don’t hurt me Thank you for being v fab all day, every day \o/ WE GOTTA MEET UP SOMETIME SOON THO OML

Ashley (FISH BRO :heart:)- Thank you for being so supportive and always telling me I could do it even when I had no faith in myself; I appreciate that a lot, and ty for being coolest mod (fish bro ftw) :heart:

MStaff- Ily all omlll :heart: You all work so hard and do so much to improve the server–you each deserve a gold medal for being the fabu people you are \o/ ty for taking me in when I felt insecure and being amazing people I look up to!

Max- I know we don’t talk that much anymore, but thank you for being so friendly and supportive, even when I keep on saying I’m gonna try for quid but never do ;-; you’ve always been so nice, and a true role model to both me and Gryffs everywhere \o/

Ties- Thank you for being my friend and talking to me, even when I was an awkward lil weirdo who just went around being a Barkeep and looking at your nomad house xD I miss Antonio (;-;), and I wish we talked more, cause you’ve always been so nice and supportive to me and I’d like to thank you for that :heart:

Lily- LILY BB :heart: Ty for being like a big sister to Millie and a friend to me, I love talking to you in Kingdom Chat and preserving the life of Brantonio II (he must be protecced at all times)

Kristen- Thank you for being the most fabu, often-stalked lil sailor who does best art \o/ Keep being fab and making dem pictures, and I hope people don’t stalk you tooo much xD

Elaine- Musical club bb :heart: thou art fabulous, and I love that you love musicals so much :heart: thank you for establishing the club of the century and being an amazing person to talk to

Huna- Huna :heart: SLAYY BB–you’re both an amazing person and an amazing friend, and thank you for talking to me and being there when it counted most :heart:

Fance: Leo <33 Alfie <33 Thank you for being the fabulous person you are and creating the wondrous world of Mordonia. Without you, I wouldn’t be here, and thank you for letting Millie obsessively stalk you before taking her in xD Ty for being best pupper and an amazing, hilarious person :heart:

Pande: Thank you so much for making all of this possible to begin with! All the work you’ve done and the amazing things you’ve created to bring the server to life astound me, and your talent leaves me in awe.

KTN Community: Everyone here is so amazing, and I’m so happy to have met and talked with many of you. You help make this experience an amazing and unforgettable one, and I’ll see you all on the server! :heart: :heart:


so many hearts and so much words

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Grats to the Y2 community!! :heart:


Millie ilyyy ;~; brantonio II shall live on forever


Ayee gratz on 2 Years!! You are amazing too!

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Eyy ty Bambi :heart: All the hearts are important xD

Ilyt Lilyyy :heart: we must preserve the life and legacy of Brantonio II

Sissss :heart: Tyty


Anais who? This post hasn’t heard of her.


but happy two years ;D

OOF HOLD UP ily bb–I knew I was forgetting somebody :heart: You hath been added because thou art fab


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Happy 2 years bbq


Grats kiara! :heart:

Don’t worry I’ll make sure to be the most smol Smol to ever smol in the history of Smol :wink: