Two Years OOoOoF

(Warning: Long and sappy stuffs. Y o u h a v e b e e n w a r n e d)

Two whole years (sort of) and still thinking of Knockturn everyday. I know I’m not active on the Minecraft server, most likely missing out on all the new stuff added by hardworking community members. Two years ago, heading to Hogwarts on Knockturn, I would have never believed I could stick with a server for so long. Fun Fact: This was the first Role-play server I’ve ever tried. Two years later (from beginning), I still can’t let go of it. What got to me was the community. Knockturn has such an amazing atmosphere with helpful people there to guide and support you on your journey through Hogwarts and maybe life. You experience good and bad times, but there are always chances to make friends (Even if you’re a troublemaker like I used to be hue (dO nOt fOlLoW mY fOoTsTePs)).

While not being a part of the Minecraft server, I still speak to several people playing Knockturn. I’m so grateful to have met such a friendly group of people who are patient with me and continue to help me. From when Andrew Arima guided me to now where I am too into Discord, chatting with them Knockturnians, and checking the forums everyday.

Naming kewl and fabulous people now (I swear, if I don’t mention you, it’s cause I have a horrible memory. And I’m kinda doing this while I’m tired whoops)

Yass, you were one of my first friends. You’re amazing, and I enjoy being able to converse about Stephen King and Hetalia still <3. (Pssst your hair is winter fire, January embers. My heart burns there too.)

Just because we don’t talk, doesn’t mean I don’t remember your journey to Professor and Moderator, our Skype calls with Kat, all the good times.

hAi FoRmEr hUsBanD who I totally did not ask to marry out of the blue on KT. Nonetheless, that was really lucky because I got a great, supportive friend who still sticks with me (forever grateful for)

Bill is mine as well as Pennywise. Anyways, glad that’s cleared up. You’re my bae. Your laugh is great, your voice is great, you have such a fun personality. Shoo stop being perfect bb.

You’re an amazing builder (totally was not jealous at one point) and friend. Also, hnnnnnnng, I’ve read most of the Mortal Instruments series but have yet to watch the show. Psst if you have a free place where I can, dm me :wink:

From enemies to good friends. I still remember that Transfiguration class where you absolutely loathed me. About 2 months later, Imagine Dragons brought us together and you got me addicted to Shawn Mendes for a month smh.

Large explanation under the grateful channel but still love ya bbq <3

From our 20 questions, we’ve come pretty far as friends. Thanks for being there the whole way and still taking time to chat with me on Discord. <o/ Rocks \o> Amazing friend, y’know this though. (Also don’t play the internet too much)

Holo there, fellow holo buddy. Hnng thanks for being patient with my random annoying dms and -eyebrow wriggles- you have a great taste in music and YT videos.

I win our fight and gosh darn, you got me into memes. Also, you coulda made me drop my croissant! (please get the reference). I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you… (this is a problem, why’d you get me into this)

Hmmmmmmmm… I think I’ll write ya somethin on Disc. Also, yoU aRe BeAuTiFuL jUsT tHe WaY yOu ArE!

Hnng I know I’m annoying and constantly bother you but it really means alot that you even reply back. I promise not to try botherin ya but I love chatting with you. You’re great and easy to converse with. ^-^

Daughter, Fiance, Wife? (Idk)… no matter what, in-game, you are to me, you’ll always be my friend :3. You were a 10/10 professor assistant, would not want anyone else.

We don’t talk anymore but I still remember you attending one of my Herbology classes with Katherine also being in it. I loved you as a student, mother (On Mord.), and thanks for being there \o/

NOOOOT! Also omllll I’m soo glad someone finally understands the pain I’ve been through while reading the Red Queen series. I’m also grateful that you haven’t blocked my spam and caps but rather join me. (Always here for you bbq)

-cough- Ravenclaw
A) Your dogs are amazing
B) Gotta listen to le music still (I swear I don’t procrastinate)
C) Go eat your chocolate sprinkles (plsdontkillme)
D) Thanks for making me laugh and not fall asleep during Programming :>. Legit, my teacher was giving me a funny look cause I was trying to stifle the laughter. You’re a great, weird (in a good way) friend.

Give me a week. I gotchu. (Mentioned ya last cause… reasons. :>>>>>> I need to stop procrastinating but just you wait. Just you… wait)

Pandette + Fance, Staff, etc.
This server, this community, the memories are all thanks to you guys really. Y’all started this server from scratch, developing it into a welcoming environment with great activities and stuff to do. I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for everything. As cliche as it sounds, I don’t know where I’d be without Knockturn.

TiMe tO eNd dIs,

       Goodbye, Adios, Au revoir, -insert other languages I can't say goodbye in here-

Babe I love you so much

Usually I reply with a sassy ironic comment to those post. Sad truth is you are great Stacey and it would be inappropriate :purple_heart: happy two years

I LOVE YOU STACEH CONGRATS ON TWO YEARS. <33 (this is a complete sentence.)

(Yes this is, infact, a sentence.)

Yasss grats on two years bbq

(also don’t forget our husband is mine)

Grats on 2 years!

Congrats staplerik!
OKAY I’ll wait I promise :heart:
ly toooo

welcome 2 2years bb

graaaaaats stacehh \o/


(pls this is a full sentence I swear)

Stacey, get your 15-years old self back on the server <3

no one knows



AHHH ILY, Dont know what I’d do without you tbh