Undesirable_No_1-Daniel Powel- X-Ray

Minecraft Username:Undesirable_No1

Hogwarts Roleplay Name:Daniel Powel

Discord Kater#0823

Reason for Ban:X-Ray in towny

Why should we let you back in?
I’m realy sorry for being so emotional on my ban appeal I just was realy sad yesterday because I just know some nice people from your server and i just get a emotional bindnes to it it isnt the bigest server but its the best server I was on I just like the moves and that the spells are to say in chat and there was multiple brooms and i think whoa and i just had in my had how to impress these persones With their Apparate and Thunderbolt and i just thinked if I would have a Lot of items they would just think im cool because I just get so good and first it worked realy good but then I found all and i thinked I cant find anymore and then I used x-Ray im realy sorry for doing that and i just still want to be blacklistet of towny because I have a very weak mental so I would just do it again so please let me online and blacklist me from towny. Also i read the rules I accepted them and i just never gonna use x-ray.
I hope I get better trough this With being honest because if I lie it just would make me much more ashaming and i just wanted to be cool also as first year.
Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned) Yes,I read them.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this? No I havent but im new so it does not mean some good.
I just made the new appeal one because I was yesterday confused and only wrote nonsence
I dont think I get unbanned soon because everyone would say that, and I just saying what I feel.

This appeal has been denied . Please try again in 2 weeks .

You must wait at least two weeks since your ban date before applying for a ban appeal. This is a standard protocol we’ve been following so please wait 2 week before making another ban appeal.