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yo guys
so first off my computer has super low space.
wroking on it

so my minecraft is being a butt and wont work properly, and with all the plugins and lag that knockturn has…
well to say the least, it won’t work really well.

Lately, my chrome and firealpaca (art program) have been glitching out too, at random times the screen’ll turn black and when it comes back it’ll say ‘Aw Snap. Something went wrong’ with a button that says reload.

Though, when I press relaod it does work normally.

Second of all !
On August 6th SCHOOl starts YAAAAY
I found out my best friend from 1st grade before i went to a new school is coming to the school im going to.

We decided to switch to the public school system bc private schools are expensive. And honestly, i just go bc of the food.

Anyways, so that’s that, I’ll get on disc often enough. I’ll be on the forums most of the time.

Hopefully I can get my minecraft working in a week or so.

cya guys!


I was gonna go to private maths school BC of like… Idk, grades.

Well cya sis o/

PS I’m a public school girl xD

i took the bus
and hated it