Upcoming Spell Change - Ferula

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman,

we have updated knockturn to 1.13.2 and we are now free to spend some more time on the actual development of content.
As I personally believe it isn’t quite fair if I decide all of the spell changes introduced to the server, I am thinking about starting the Upcoming Spell Change format, in which I basically highlight in-depth changes to a spell that are currently being tested and give you guys the chance to jump in and give your feedback before the spell changes go onto production.

Spell changes go live after this post was up for a week, so don’t wait too long :smirk:

Todays spells is Ferula.

The spell has quite a long history on the server, yet the latest dueling event has shown, that the current version of the spell is just too strong for player on player combat.
Therefore here are the current changes that I am testing in the testing environment:

  • Ferula will end instantly after all of the hearts given by ferula are gone, removing the possibility to refresh the buff.
  • Ferula will also no longer work on players that have a ferula buff but lost hearts of it. For example, Alexandra casts ferula twice on herself, resulting in a 4 absorbtion heart buff active on her. She is then damaged by an evil other student, dropping her ferula hearts down to 2 and a half. At this point, Alexandra cannot apply Ferula on her anymore until the effect has completely worn off, we may simply be due to the time it was alive or because she lost all of her absorbtion hearts. This change, at least in my eyes, will shift ferula back to where it should be. A pre-duel preparation spell, which is not to be used during normal player on player combat as that is clearly episkeys job.
  • Ferula will also now visually indicate when it failed to be casted on a player, showing more clearly when the spell succeeded or not.

Please provide your feedback to those changed and I’ll make sure to reply to as many as possible and finalize the spell changes based on them.

With the greatest respect
Bjarne “Michael King” Koll


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