Update On September 4th - September 5th- Release Notes

Hello Everybody,

This page will be updated periodically over the next week, so check back occasionally as there more be more information.


We are going to be moving to 1.13.2. For this reason, the server may have to be shut down while we migrate the maps as we will need to pull down the maps and upload them.

Mr. Ollivander

With this update we hope to bring our long awaited changed to Knockturn NPCs where Mr. Ollivander will have a less potter specific quiz, and it will be slightly longer. This won’t really effect old users.


Bugfix: Stairs will not change when you are on the stair, at least no the middle of it.

Staircases now use the official world edit api, so it may be less laggy.


Hospitals will be it’s own plugin coded by Carter. This will allow for us to work with it more separately.


Fashion will it’s own plugin, coded mostly by xKeyla. This will allow us to more simply add donation items to the store, more 3d items!


Teleport is a plugin separated from Fundamentals coded by Daniel. It will provide the same functionality, but make it easier to setup for owners.


Now, saving the one you all read this post to ask questions about.

Classrooms is a rewrite of the old Lessons plugin (yes the one that has been lagging the server for some time now.)

The initial version will not have all the features of Lessons:


  • Real Professor Classes are not implemented yet
  • Some functions like Raise hand don’t exist.
  • Spells don’t show on scoreboard on the side (this might not return)
  • Lessons are not shown in a boss bar when preparing.

Classrooms Alpha Release

Classrooms is an integrated plugin for Spigot 1.13.2 that will allow students to attend classes in worldguard regions. Users will be able to attend classes written by lore team members that will be taught to a student in order.

When a student attends class of a certain subject, they will always attend the class they have not attended yet, until they reach the end. If they have reached the end of the class the last class will be an Exam. After they have taken the exam for that class, the lessons will restart at the first section.

Example Scenario:

Alice goes to her first class of Charms and she really likes it. Her friend James joins the server the next day and they both go to Charms. Alice and James are both year one, so they have charms at the same time, but when the class starts, the professor starts teaching Alice the second class, while James is learning what Alice learned the day before. They are both in the room, and they can talk, but while Alice is casting Lumos, James is still learning Periculum.

Features of Classrooms ->

Seating >> You now have to choose a seat in the room when “seating” is displayed for the class. If this is a Potion classroom, you will also have the ability to use only the items at your seat in potions. If you do not choose a seat, you will not be able to participate in the class if your year is the same year as the class.

Older Students watching Class >> If you are higher than the year of the class, or already finished the class, while you will not be able to claim a seat, you will be allowed to attend the class. In an automated class, this will skip any activities that you would do if you are only watching, for example: it will list the potion steps, but not wait for you to complete them.

The Class Waits for you >> As long as you complete your class in 45 minutes, the class will wait for you to finish it. If you don’t answer a question, or leave during class, when you come back it will still be going. Additionally, if you leave and don’t complete it in time, the class will restart back at the section you were at in the next class

Receiving Potion Ingredients Step >> Now there will be a step for you to collect the potion ingredients in class rather than buying your own. However, if you mess up, you may not have enough ingredients to finish (each class will give you 2x the ingredients needed for a potion you are learning or quizzed on.)

Potion Steps / Spell Movements >> Now instead of relying on humans who make mistakes, our potion steps and wand movements are generated by their respective plugin. No more wondering if its you or the bad instructions, its definitely you!

Region Blocking >> Ever been annoyed you can’t go through Transfiguration to sneak into Pandette’s office because the year 5 class that is written so poorly it takes an entire hour to run is going on? Well now you don’t have to worry! You can walk through regions just fine (depending on how much trolling happens this may be revoked.)

This is definitely not all the features we will be releasing, and some are still a surprise~ I’ll update this page as more ‘non-surprise’ features are ready to be revealed.


Can’t wait! ;o

What are you guys planning on doing about the not-insignificant number of areas where the change in water flow (through transparent blocks) causes unwanted flooding?

If you could give an example of these areas, we can double check that no flooding occurs :>

are we Running 1.13.2 Now? its still letting me connect and play with 1.12.2.

The update is next Wednesday (if all goes right).