[UPDATED] Knockturn Book of World Records

This forum is an attempt to get people to strive for accomplishment, featuring the top in several categories and areas. Try to break, set, and create new records and take a spot on this throne.

This thread is a revival of the one on the old forums created also by me. As this is currently a direct port from the old forums, certain records are no longer held or can be achieved. I will attempt to remove any records that aren’t achievable, however I may miss some. If you believe one is unbeatable, do let me know and I will rectify this issue.

May you work hard and work well, and may the strongest and most dedicated thrive!

**Currently WIP and trying to make it look better. You may still reply for records and stuff.



Longest Distance Spell Hit
301.023 blocks

Achieved by Liam Blishwick

Longest Distance Pushed (General)
1922 blocks

Achieved by “Protego Squad”

Most Spells Wandless
8 spells

Achieved by Luke Schoenheit

Longest Rictusempra
15 minutes

Achieved by Ryan Lockhart
**Not sure if possible anymore

Longest Blauflamma

Achieved by Cassie Anderson

Most People Apparated
14 people at once

Achieved by Veara Swan

Highest Tier
Tier 12

Achieved by Luke Schoenheit, Chessur Prion, Jack Anderson, Liam Blishwick, and Bob Titan

Highest Tier Nonverbal
Tier 11

Achieved by Liam Blishwick, Oliver Blishwick, Luke Schoenheit, and Chessur Prion

Longest Reaching Lumos Duo (Radius)
952 blocks

Achieved by Oliver Blishwick
**Not sure if possible anymore

Quickest Time To Cast Tier 1 Spell Book

Achieved by Draco Schoenheit
**Almost certain that the Tier 1 Spell Book has been updated in the past year and a half but I’m not 100% certain


Longest Distance Pushed (Without Spells)
1922 blocks

Achieved by “Protego Squad”

Most House Points (Player)
1227 points

Achieved by Pinkie Schoenheit

Most House Points (House)
3,350+ points in a single year

Achieved by Hufflepuff

Most House Cups
17 house cups

Achieved by Ravenclaw

Most House Cups (In sequence)
4 house cups in a row (2042-2043 - 2045-2046)

Achieved by Hufflepuff

Most Quidditch Cups
9 Quidditch cups

Achieved by Gryffindor

Most Players Online

Achieved by Knockturn

Most Players On A Single Desk

Achieved by Star Holmes, Tiberius Everhart, Shane Hart, Grace Garland, Katna Garland, Sean Prion
Bella Scarlet, Gareott Rimma, Cris Malfoy, Aidan Morrison, Jake Chapman, Darrie Murphy, Timothy Watson, Jordan Phillips and two other unknown students

Most Classes Taught In A Week
Approximately 25

Achieved by Kat Kirkland
**Exact number yet to be confirmed

Most Classes Taught In A Week (Total - Not including automation)

Achieved by Knockturn Professors

Highest Broom Level
200 (unbeatable)

Achieved by Garreott Armstrong

Most Time Stuck In Hospital (one session)

Achieved by Katna Malamius

Quickest Time to get Every Year (1-7)
4 months, 26 days

Achieved by Maximillian Booth

Longest Time In A School Year*
*Year 1 does not count
*Active people only

Achieved by Kristen Evans


Most Classes taught in a week has been broken. Kat Kirkland has the current record I believe.


Uhm, I’m pretty sure the record for highest tier is tier 12, I, at least, have cast Moolium 1k times which is a tier 11 spell, making me tier 12 woop

I’m pretty sure, not positive, that the most house points have been broken by Ravenclaw. I think we got 4000+ before. Not sure

I have 8 wandlesses too, beating the current record! hypes

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I asked Kat and she confirmed this, just trying to get the actual number real quick

@GinnyGinger When was this? And can anybody else vouch?

I don’t remember, but I just remember getting on hogs once, doing /points, and seeing 4000. Maybe though. (Sorry I can’t help more)

Heh, I’m in the list! :grin:

Uuf I’m sorry SpellCore will break alot of the insane spells. Most spells are capped now to balance stuff

The gryff number for quid will go up one after this season xD

There’s still time to go but I’m definitely hoping it will! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some of the records are kind of relative since with the new spell system several people like me or Luke have gotten everything nonverbal, and the tier thing, we are a couple if tier 12s on the server. Still a pretty cool amount of possible records, good job!

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… Everything?

Also, would it be possible for you to list any Tier 12s you know?

Yeah, with the current spellcore you could get every single spell nonverbal even if you have never casted them when you reach a certain amount of casts, Although this is changing with the new spellcore. Then, the tier 12 that I know are:
Luke Schoenheit
Chessur Prion
Jack Anderson
Seph Prion (not 100% sure)
Bob Titan

Psst could I get some updated last names? I mean I totally know them

done (sbsthry 8 characters )

Oh yeah and I have Moolium Nonverbal (with the new Spellcore update)

What tier is that?