Updated: Riddles for Today (7/6/18)

So here’s the riddle:

Bellona comes swooping in out of nowhere and proceeds to rob Pandette! Thrusting her knife into Pandette’s face, Pandette says, “You’ll never get the code if you harm me! The code is changed every day.”

However Bellona defies all logic and gets the code correct. How could this be?


Smol (other characters for discourse)

I agree, has to be Smol. Cant trust dem birbs.

And the other two are badgers who are trying to prove the “good at finding things” trait of Hufflepuff, so they’ll be busy looking for the gold mine operation still.

Prejudice against the birbs is strong with you

Well I mean, the other two are HUFFLEPUFFS. Really, if you compare the two, it’s like asking who murdered the Potters, Voldemort or Harry himself.

… Touche …

Twas Fance that has killed Ollie. Since it was a Sunday the post offices were closed which meant no mail


Is this some insight for an RP murder?

Has to be Siph. I’ve heard too many stories of people being murdered over bacon.


OwO Is it?

Fance could’ve easily picked up mail left in her mailbox from Saturday or before.
I think it’s Siph because it’s afternoon and ya don’t eat breakfast in the afternoon.

Why the heck would you leave mail in the mailbox overnight? We’ve had ours stolen plenty of times

downstairs neighbor leaves the mail in theor box for like a week.

I mean, the mailbox that our neighborhood uses is just a huge box with compartments in it. Each compartment is locked and you can open it with a key, so it wouldn’t be stolen

Oh wait, changing my answer. Ollie, aka ollie the sheep? probably tried to eat aria’s flowers. So she murdered him.


True, but Siph probably woke up late since it was a weekend and then made breakfast

wait why am i defending Siph

Answer goes up in 1 hour

Hold on a minute… I’m not even mentioned in this list of suspects. So why u blaming me :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @Johnny @EHari

Obviously its Hari and Johnny was her accomplice. Case Closed.

Jk its probably Fance cause unnamed


They said Smol because the riddle was updated ;p you were on the list of suspects before the riddle changed

Ah ok.

phew the world may never know