uwuMonkey - Rune Taylor - Jerkiness and rude

Minecraft username: uwuMonkey

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Rune Taylor

Discord (if applicable) : uwuMonkey2549

Reason for Ban: Jerkiness and rudeness/ abusing combat rules

Why should we let you back in?
Some years ago I played the server quite a bit and I was hoping I could return. I was banned for general toxicity. I don’t remember ever personally instuling anyone though I most probably did (Pretty sure I was banned a couple years ago but may be wrong) my main crime which I do remember vividly, was that I would attack people outside of Hagrid’s hut without ever agreeing to a duel. Once I started attacking them they usally fought back, then after the conflict would try to communicate with a staff member stating that I attacked them, which was true. However, the issiue was that I had a loop hole in the server rules. At the time, which this may have changed during my time removed from the server, there was a rule in place in which players were not allowed to use self defense to protect them selfs, meaning if they fought back they also were breaking the rules. I would remind staff of this anytime I got into conflict with them which usally lead to me continuing to attack people and never being stopped. At the time of me being banned I had already quit the server and didn’t even realise I was banned for a long time. I think about a year ago I actually tried to rejoin the server and learnt of the ban. I tried to appeal some time ago and was not reinvited to the server, which I understand. Even in writing this appeal I understand if the community of Knockturn MC do not wish to reinivite me. But I do believe I have changed, that I am not toxic, and that I maye be a good community member. But, the community and staff do not have to try to find out. If I’m not givin a chance to write my wrongs I understand. Thank you for giving me the time to speak.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned)
Yes, I have read the rules.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this?
Yes as previously stated, and I do not remember if I was ever temp banned before this currant ban.

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This appeal has been approved. You’ve been unbanned.