Valentine's Day Event

So, it’s about that time, the month of :heart: love :heart:. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Valentine’s Day event is coming with it :smile:, which will be hosted by me (Emma), Smile, and Keyla. Special thanks to Ryder and Keyla for building the event area! You will be in couples so be sure to ask out that special someone :wink: or go with a friend!

Note: If you cannot find someone to sign up with, you can sign up individually and you will be put into a pair/choose who you want to pair up with when you arrive at the event. The bumper boats game is the reasoning for the pairs.

During the event, there will be a “bumper boats” game where the couples will face off against each other, dancing, and after the dance, the candy grams will be available for pick-up!

Candy Grams:
There will be candy grams for sale before as well as during the event. A candy gram includes a personally written note from you to whoever you choose to send the gram to and some candy! Candy grams will be 5 galleons each and to purchase a candy gram, please dm Keyla (Keyla#3048) on discord. When messaging Keyla, remember to tell her what you want the note to say!


  • The Valentine’s Day event will be on Saturday, February 15th
  • The event will last about 1 hour and will begin at 5 pm EST


  • No spell casting during the event
  • No whiz bangs during the event
  • All KnockturnMC rules still apply


  • Spell scroll
  • Pet ticket
  • Galleons

Signup Format:

  • IGNs:
  • Roleplay Names:
  • IGNs: GeiSnekBoi - Pennymerry
  • Roleplay Names: Ryder King - Penelope Stone
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  • IGNs: JJthePhoenix - bess_days
  • RP Names: Jordyn Collins - Bess Poke

IGNS: Sjofin & Silverpeltwolf
Roleplay Names: Melody Owen & Silvienna McCormack

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IGNs: CrystalmtG - danichef
Roleplay Names: Crystal Stone - Daniel Owen

  • IGNs: BabyToast_ - MaMOOta
  • Roleplay Names - Layla Webb - Charizard Blishwick
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IGN: CrypticVIG0R
Roleplay name: Jack McDonald

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IGN: alisonsudol
Roleplay Name: Kaelynn Fortescue

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ign: TraitorSnek
Rp name: James Auditore

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