Valorant discord role

If your suggestion is plugin related on an existing plugin, please put the issue in on the plugin in gitlab.

Follow this check list BEFORE suggesting something:

  • Is it a canon spell ? -> Do not suggest.
  • Is it about a feature in a minecraft version we a not on yet? -> Do not suggest.
  • Did you do research to see if it was even possible? -> If no, do not suggest.
  • Is it something from the movies that you think would be cool that would take A LONG TIME TO CODE (ie: newt’s suitcase, moving stairs, jobs after graduation) -> Do not suggest, most likely we are already planning it and you’re just wasting time.
  • Is it something like the forbidden spells, horcruxes, flying apparation, or animagus, that you think the server needs and doesn’t have -> If its in the movies in a large part, its not a suggestion, you just want it to happen. Suggestions are NEW ideas.

Make a Valorant discord role and text/voice channels accesible by it (credits to Johnny)

Why it will be good:
We have quite some Valorant players and we can easily communicate this way

How it will work in code/other functions
Make role, make channels, sort permissions.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
I believe any owner otherwise Pande

Which server?



no bc we havent been adding new games until we come up with a better strategy, dicord has a limit on roles and im not adding every game in the world filling up our roles when the channels are barely used.

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