Vine Wall

So… my school is a mess, let’s just start with that. Someone (not namin anyone since no one here knows me irl) started this, and within 24hrs, it was completely filled. I posted this on discord earlier when I saw it, but now I’m putting it here. Enjoy. (Yes I know white is failing don’t comment it xD)


oh my gosh I love this so much

also it’s cut out but someone drew pepe, and if you zoom in you can see the “da wae” thingy (dun know what it’s called sowwy)

Duke! You want the ball?! cRaSh


Hi, welcome to chili’s


Get out of my room mom i’m playing minecraft


Stumpy whos turn is it for that chess game, and is that knocked down piece supposed to be knocked down?

I have no idea. It isn’t rare for there to be half finished games in that room.

Hold up… I need to come to your school to teach them kids some etiquette… you never leave a chess game unfinished even if the building around you is burning… wait you can probably abandon it if your building is on fire… or your class period is over… yeah…

This is the same class that the teacher walks around with a bag of potato chips, handing them out to people. Theres also a large bird nest that honestly a human could curl up in, if it wouldn’t like… stab you.

Eh I’d lay down in it either way

I’m honestly surprised someone hasn’t yet. We’ve also like… climbed through the windows since it’s on the first floor… pretty sure our teacher joined in on that at some point.

What school do you go to… I want to transfer for my next year

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xD it’s 7th and 8th grade only, so if you’re in that range, feel free (the name of the district is actually up there… huh just noticed that)

(DAmmit I’m gonna be a senior next year :c)