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I was planning to make my wizard name Isaac but it may change knowing my story for my young wizard who will start his knockturn adventure has changed knowing I might still join quidditch but I want to care for animals and magical creatures more so I had some name ideas but don’t know which to pick.

  • Isaac
  • Newt
  • Jacob
  • Justin
  • James
  • Ash

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Oh my Jacob that’s a lot of votes.

Aw I was hoping for Newt to be liked aha

choose single vote so people can only vote for one!!~

Sadly I do not know how to delete a post knowing I would do it again.

I probably make a second poll near the end for the top names @The_Doggsterrr

you do not have to delete it!! (also press the arrow button to reply !! or ping me C:)
and i can make you a poll if you’d like !!~