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So I was on the main hub in the global chat. I told a joke (which got a couple of laughs) that said “Black jokes are like Mexican jokes, if you’ve heard Juan, you’ve heard Jamal.” which a mod said was racist, I disagreed. I got into talking more about how if a liberal thought was introduced it would be fine but not conservative ideas. They told me to drop it and so I did. I followed up and said “I have a question” and seconds after, I was banned from the server. If I am unbanned, I promise to never put up jokes or conservative ideas in the global again.

if this is a ban appeal, you gotta put it in that category

[8:50 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [G/1] It was a harmless joke and people found it funny
[8:50 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [G/2] I did not find it funny.
[8:51 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [R/1] I did
[8:51 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [G/1] a couple of people found it funny. there were lols
[8:51 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [R/1] actually it was me both times
[8:51 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [R/W] <@Bellona Spiritus> some may find it offensive, so it’s best to keep it to yourself
[8:51 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [G/1] ok 2 lols from 1 dude still counts
[8:52 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [R/1] wait, is this server free speech oriented? guess nto
[8:52 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [G/1] welp goodbye murica
[8:52 PM] BOT🚀 Yrel: [R/1] goodbye my human rights

Our chat is the essence of our community, and for this reason, we would like it to remain a respectful environment for all whom use it. This means that anyone who cannot follow these rules, cannot be apart of the community. While we understand that there are all ages on the server, being older or ‘cooler’ does not give you the permission to break the rules, just because you’re no longer a baby.
This is a gray area, but this is generally anyone who is doing something with the intention to waste someone’s time or breaking rules for the sake of attention.
When it comes to a dispute, everyone involved should make quick to stop the argument. If the argument continues, we ask that you bring it to staff to resolve the issue, or agree to disagree. Anyone who is attempting to argue with people constantly, will be punished. We want to maintain a friendly environment
Badgering Staff
Badgering staff includes, asking questions of them continuously, asking ‘When will I know about my application’, asking them to look at something on the forums for you, asking them to do something that they said they would do already and havent gotten to yet.
While we understand that Knockturn is not necessarily a ‘safe space,’ we expect that all people on the server attempt to keep rude feelings out of it. We stand by the term, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. For this reason, all players are asked to be civil. Our server motto: We rather have 5 nice people than 50 jerks applies here. If our server is smaller due to the fact that other people are just too rude, then we will manage, better to have a good community than a big one.
Taboo Subjects
The Following subjects are not permitted for discussiong in global or public areas:

Racist Comments
Sexist Comments
Any sexuality, straight or homosexual.
Adult subjects
Any subject a staff member deems both controversial and unrelated to Harry Potter
Why? Most of these are general, but others are controversial subjects. We are fine with everyone being who you are in your off time, and we are fine with gay, straight, or furry roleplay characters. However, we are not interested in your opinions on any of it. Your character can be christian or wiccan or muslim, but we don’t want you discussing it with the other users. There is a time and place to discuss things, and a harry potter server is not the location.

However, if you want to discuss Harry Potter politics or Harry Potter Bloodism, go ahead.

Here are a few rules you broke.

If you would like to read our rules & make a real ban appeal, perhaps we will discuss it. However, from the way you are typing and your lack of attempting to even find the right section, it feels more like you’re here to troll.

This server is neither a liberal nor republican server. We are neutral ground. That means we are NO politics. Additionally, we are not even based in the USA even though most of the staff are american. That means you don’t need to bring american politics to our server anyway, since we don’t exist in that country. We don’t follow the politics of the country that our server is based in either. Regardless of that point, we always ask you to RESPECT other people and if one person didn’t appreciate your joke, then YES it does matter.

Additionally, saying one person liked it does not mean its exceptable. Especially since that person is also a 1st year and probably as equally a troll. We always consider older longer standing members of the community first as they are the people who are here every day. Until you have been on the server for at least a month or two, you don’t exactly have as much vote on what goes on in our community.

To be honest, you should be glad I even responded to this failed ban appeal. You didn’t attempt to follow our rules, our format. You are evidentally a troll or very young, and don’t care enough about the server to even consider following rules. In my view, whomever banned you did so with good reason and I am proud of the staff I have to have considered you not worthy of the community.

When you grow up, make a real ban appeal and we may consider it. However, it better be eloquent and well written or it will be denied. Enjoy your time, I suggest finding another server for at least a month.