WAKANDA! The Roleplay

I watched black panther last night and OHMYGOSH IT’S AMAZING!!! Easily one of the best Marvel movies to date. So, naturally, I made a Roleplay about it.
You are Agents of the Wardogs, the Wakandan intelligence agency.


  • This is set in wakanda. Crazy, I know.
  • This is set in the MCU, mostly bc I’m too lazy to read the comics.
  • you can’t be black panther. Sorry.
  • you know the drill, don’t be OP, keep it PG yadda yadda whatever
  • This is set after the events of black panther, but before infinity war.


Gender: (stick to male/Female please)
Weapon of choice: (DM me asking for permission to use a weapon just so it’s not OP.)

(I have not seen the movie yet.)

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