Wand Light and Wand Effect not taking effect after 15 minutes

Support Ticket

I purchased a White Wand Light and a Gray Wand Effect in the donation store, and after nearly 35 minutes, neither have loaded in. I have tried restarting my game and logging out more than once. I also switched servers more than once.

Request for Solution
(Not really sure what to put) The donation store told me if the effects didn’t go through, to write a post in the support section.

Link To Related Bug Report

:blush: Thank You! :blush:

ok lemme check

Are you online?

I’m not on the server, but I am logging in now

Resolved, the items were given, but there was no clear explanation for how to use them in the main list menu, only when clicking on the item. A new description was added to the top menu of each item to make it easier for new users to activate effects