Wand of Death

Arthur Fleming trudged through the mud covered forest, stumbling on the occasional tree root. The rain practically blew in sideways on the dark cold night, thunder pounding through the air after a bolt of lightning lit the sky. “Lumos.” Arthur muttered, shining his light high to see. The man had been searching for weeks for one thing but he couldn’t stop. His family’s lives depended on a successful mission.
Just when he was beginning to doubt himself, it found him; Standing in front of him, in the middle of the cold damp forest, stood a single glowing white unicorn.
He rushed at the creature, attempting to immobilize it with the immobulus charm, only to be met with failure as the beast ran.
“No! No, please!” He screamed at the unicorn as he landed on the moist ground. That was it. He had failed. Himself. His wife. His daughter and newborn son. It was over.
He laid back on the ground and ran a hand through his thick dirty hair, fully ready to give up. A cold wind slithered across the ground and around the man. “God, not dementors.” He sighed heavily at the inconvenience and pushed himself to his feet ready to ward off whatever evil was coming at him. He was only met with darkness and a blood curling scream from beyond the tree. Arthur ran toward the noise to help whom ever had caused it. What he was met with; His unicorn. Laying dead in a small stream, its silver blood trickling away in the water.
Fleming glanced around cautiously as he approached the beast. What had killed it? He kneeled next to the white horse like creature and rested a hand on its jaw. When he pulled it away a thick layer of blood resided with just a few strands of hair. The item the young wand maker had seeked for weeks on end. Fleming carefully plucked a few hairs from the once majestic beast. “I’m sorry.” He whispered to the unicorn before he began the tedious journey home.

Arthur Fleming created twelve wands from the slain creature. Twelve gorgeous wands that sold for a hefty price. Twelve wands that took his family from being lowly peasants to prestigious wand makers. Only one remained from the batch, the one Arthur had claimed for himself to pass down for generations to come. He had no idea, however, that the wands were changing people. The witches and wizards that purchased them grew in power, confidence, and fame; But at a cost. It started with an old wizard killing his son who wished the wand be passed down. Then, one by one, the wandholders began destroying the people around them, fearing they would too take their precious wands. Arthur was perhaps the worst of them all. He slaughtered his wife and son when they attempted to steal the blackthorn wand from the once respected man. With his daughter locked away, he sought the remaining wands to have as his own. Once he killed each witch or wizard that held the wands, he hid them away just as he did his only living family member. Adeline Fleming broke free of her prison shortly after and stole the wands in the dead of the night. She fled for the forest when her father obtained the cursed wands core. One by one, she lit them ablaze and tossed them deep into the woods. Her fathers’ wand was all that remained. He was so proud of the day he made it. He loved the wand. She couldn’t destroy the last thing her father, her real father, had created. So, it was hidden deep in the dark forest where no one would ever find it…until a young Geraint Ollivander finds it hidden in a rotted log that had once been a magnificent Douglas Fir. No one ever expected it to contain so much power, nor did they expect it to end up in the hands of a Hogwarts student.

This is a new Harry Potter RP. It does not have a set year as of right now. It can be before, after, or during either war. You can be in any year you want to make your character but their power will reflect that year. (A first year is not going to know how to blow up the entire school) If you wish to play the bad guy then please ask to play them. Remember if you do play the bad guy, play it well and play fair. No OP evil villain that obviously no one can defeat.

RULES: No griefing, cursing, or anything inappropriate. No OP characters. And no random drama. Ex: A werewolf can not suddenly appear in the castle and attack your character. If a werewolf appears on castle grounds it must have a reason and explanation as to why it is present and relevant to the story.

Character Profile

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Name: Alexander Edward Rivers (Zander)
Age/Year: 15 - Year 5
House: Hufflepuff
Description:Tall lanky boy with raven colored hair and blue grey eyes. He is usually seen in his school uniform, school vest, jumpers during the colder months and t-shirts on warmer days.
Personality: He’s seen as a quiet boy but he’s actually quite the prankster, just no one suspects sweet little Zander. He gets top marks in CoMC and Transfiguration and average marks in most of his other classes. He despises Astronomy despite loving to star gaze. He is quite the charmer. Usually found in the furthest corner of the library, the huffle commonroom, the transfiguration courtyard, and the forbidden forest.
Other: He has a nasty habit of being a know-it-all on subjects he enjoys. He is in fact a werewolf (and has been for most of his life). He is very cautious with his illness and ensures the safety of his school no matter what situation. (He will never be at the school during a transformation (though he may attack students that seek him out so beware))

Alexander looked up at the tall doors leading to the entrance hall and smiled fondly. “I missed this place.” Xavier, fellow fifth year and Zander’s best friend, rested a hand on his shoulder. “It’s been quite the summer, eh? Glad to be back.” The boy smirked and lead the two through the large wooden archway. They were home.

Name: Alan Brown
Age: 15
Year: 5
House: Hufflepuff
Description: blue eyes long brown hair if he is not wering his robes then he is in a grey T-shirt and black pants 5’9 and 140 pounds
Personality: nice, helpful, pretty fast, strong and agile good with spells, likes too go to group events and hang out with friends, like bored games, patient, very funny very strategic, very loyal.
Other: he keeps a lot of secrets that he will never trust anyone with (at least that’s what he says)

Name: Hugo Martin Roche (pronounced Roshei)

Age: 15

Year: 5

House: Slytherin

Description: Hugo has short, slightly messy but styled black hair with a rather strange greyish strand on the back. He is tall (6’0) and slim with a very light muscle build, weighing about 78kg. He has grey eyes and rather well seen black eyebrows. He is usually wearing the school uniform (without the robe, so only the grey sweater, tie, pants and white shirt). On free days he still likes to wear suits.

Personality: He is immensely intelligent and confident, but his high intelligence stands out a lot. He is sometimes seen as cold, but he is actually just not as open as others are. He is also blank, but focuses a lot on his studies and is very ambitious and determined. He is also found as helpful and even caring at times. He is usually very serious, but never hates fun.

Other: He is determined to take over his father’s job place as a worker in the Department of Ministries and having a high seat in the Wizengamot seats. Hugo has French roots, so he has a slightly visible French accent. He has (and is obsessing over) his own grey Persian cat named Katherine. He is the top of his class in almost every subject, except Care of Magical Creatures where he is rather tied with Alexander. Usually found either in the library or in his dorm.(Shh, a secret is to come…)

Hugo walked through the gates, noting Zander. He was suddenly disturbed by his best friend, Oscar. “H-U-G-O! I have not seen you since 2 weeks! Excited?” Oscar said, grinning. Hugo smiled back warmly, tightly holding his suitcase. “Of course I am, Oscar.” He replied, continuing on.

Alexander nodded briefly at Hugo when they made eye contact. The two were known as rivals in their classes, always competing to be the best. Outside of their courses he saw the fellow fifth year as a valuable ally. Zander usually managed to drag poor Hugo into his plans and get the boy in some kind of trouble though. “Oi, you have a nice summer, Hugo?” He asked as he separated from Xavier to greet the boy.

Alan walks up the steps with his best friends Owen and Rose (who are brother and sister) talking about there summer. And making lots of inside jokes.

He looked over at Zander, nodding slightly. ''Oi, I had a nice one, Alexander. What about you?"

“Fairly well, actually. Took a trip to the states with the family. Bought a few things you might be interested in.” Alexander glanced back as a few Gryffindor girls walked by giggling. Their hair a firey red and glowing blue. “Thanks for the sweets, Zander.” One smiled as she passed. “Anytime, girls.” He smirked and turned back to Hugo. “What do you think about sliding Professor Mcgonagall one of those? Imagine a bright orange cat running about.” He chuckled.

He rolled his eyes, chuckling slightly. “She’s already a cat, but I’m never against more cats…” He sighed dramatically, “Why are YOU the person to somehow pull me into this stuff? I honestly sometimes have to contemplate my existence just because I’m unable to resist this. Right, when are we doing this then?”

(The sweets simply change hair color. So her animagus form would then be the same bright color.)
“I was planning to meet with Minnie in a few days. Personal matters and such. But she’d never accept this from me. A trusting Slytherin Prefect though… I was thinking before the first years go to their first transfiguration lesson. Give them a bit of a surprise.”

(Yeah I got it, I just thought she’d be a different breed of cat, thanks for explaining)
“I’m not going to do it. No. No no no.” He said, shaking his head. After a brief moment, he exhaled yet again, dramatically. “Fine, I’m going to do it. Even though it makes NO logic whatsoever to have a Slytherin go to the Head of Gryffindor, I’ll do it…I really want to see her be a ginger cat.”

Zander smirked and pat his shoulder. “There’s the Hugo I know! I’ve been itching to prank someone all summer!” He said enthusiastically. “Just leave it on her desk or something to…thank her for teaching after all these years.” The fifth year shrugged. “We’ll meet tomorrow then. Library around lunch?”

He nodded curtly, mentally noting to leave the candy at Professor McGonagall’s office. “Sure, Zander.”

“See you then.” Zander trotted off to meet with Xavier again in the Great Hall. “Owen, Rose.” He greeted as he passed them.

He joined back with Oscar as he sat firmly by the Slytherin table, fixing up his badge. Greeting a few of the fellow Slytherins, he looked over at the Professor table.

Xavier took a seat near him with a sigh. “Roche” He greeted. Personally, he didn’t like being in Slytherin thanks to his family’s history in the house. And he also didn’t get on with Oscar or Hugo for that matter. But Alexander trusted them so he trusted them.

He nodded back curtly. He didn’t know Xavier much, but the boy never bothered him so he just dismissed him. Xavier has never really tried to communicate and connect as friends with him, likely due to having some feuds with Oscar in the past. Sighing, he waited for the line of first years to come inside and get sorted.

The students looked on as the upperclassmen settled at their respectable tables. Then the first years made their way through. Xavier snickered at how short they were to a couple of his other friends. Alexander reminisced about his first day at Hogwarts as they made their way through, smiling at his memories of meeting his friends on the train and being nervous about getting sorted. Coming from a family with a pure-blood father and muggle mother, he grew up in the ‘safety’ of the muggle world with his squib sisters, after the accident. He could have never imagined a world like his father’s stories, it was quite…magical… living them.