Water Into Wine Spell

Make a spell to turn water into wine.

Why it will be good:
Well for one thing a large part of the server enjoys getting drunk :P. Probably not actually that useful but it would be a neat little thing that you could master. Just an extra spell so when you are hanging out with your friends you can just whip around and turn water into wine, just a little thing to get a few laughs or surprised faces.

How it will work in code/other functions
Whatever way works best for the devs! I don’t really have very many specifications for it so whatever is easiest works fine! The only slight specification I have is a possibility for the spell name: Vinum Aquae. :slight_smile:

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Not sure, I don’t really know many of the devs. Since it’s not very large it probably wouldn’t be a super time-consuming process by comparison to some others, but I know any coding at all takes ages, especially in Java.

Which server?

(Sorry if I didn’t do something right, it’s my first forum post. Please kindly guide me to the proper way to do it if I did something incorrectly :smiley: )

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Spell suggestions should go in the channel on discord using a format there.