Week Four of Winter Events: Flare Dance, Snowball Plugin, Riddles Event, and Secret Santa


The Last few days of Winter Events are upon us!

I will also take this moment to announce that though these events are over, there will be some new events next month for the 7th anniversary!

How the time does fly! This past week we had lots of fun events:

Day 15 Saw us building a snowman, or for some grilling snowmen. Notable snowmen include an upside down snowman and Lilly Potter’s empty snowman.

Day 16 Hide and Seek where Theo was a failure at seeking, eventually giving up and seeking help!

Day 17 Dueling events where you got to be blown up while trying to skate on ice.

Day 18 Dropper events found us falling from high places to lane on Mario

Day 19 The Yule ball & Skin contest found a proposal from Smile! Congrats Smile!

Day 20 Everyone so arrogantly though boats were slow… soon everyone was slipping and sliding into the edges as if they were playing mario kart on 3x speed. After righting themselves ppl eventually realized speed was not the main key to getting to the finish line!

Day 21 Simon Spells with Harry Cross ended up seeing Emily Stump win TWICE! So I guess we know that no one can stump the stump!

The following are dolls that are still possibilities:
Harry Potter
Fleur Delacour
Nicolas Flamel
Gilderoy Lockhart


For events, everyone will get a participation award of 25 evergreens and a doll for showing up. Each events that have two events in a day will have 1st place awards that are 10 star bulbs each. If an event is single event, it will have an award of 1st 10, 2nd 6, and 3rd 4. Some events have prizes for completion, which depends on if there is going to be a winner of that event or not (if there will not be a winner then completion will be doubled.)

Event Shop

The snowmen will still be around until the 31st, and the event shop will be up until January 14th for all those indecisive people!

Week Four Events

Flare Dance Event

Hosted by Emma/Ava
Day: Tuesday, December 22th, 2020
Time(s): 12 PM EST, 6 PM EST
Use flares to try and go in tune to some music on the music discs…Or watch how out of tune your friends will be attempting to be in tune. Participate in a group you make, you in a random group and just hope your flares end up being in sync!

Snow Ball Plugin

Hosted by Rey/Smile
Day: Wednesday, December 23th, 2020
Time(s): 10 AM EST, 7 PM EST
Play the reworked Snowball plugin that will let you attack other people with snow balls to face over and over again while they try to run away!

Riddles Event

Hosted by Johnny/Emma
Day: Thursday, December 24th, 2020
Time(s): 10:30am EST, 5PMEST
Try your hand at solving some riddles that Johnny has come up with! See who can solve the riddle first!

Secret Santa

Hosted by Emma/Ava
Day: Friday, December 25th, 2020
Time(s): All Day
This event you had to sign up for already on the forums! The last event of the winter events! Check in and pick up your secret santa if you managed to send yours! Only people who sent a secret santa can receive one!

Feel free to post questions or comments below! Hope you’re all as excited as we are.


i don’t want it to be overrrr :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: i’ll miss making the images for these posts :pensive:


its ok emma its ok there’s always leaves





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Make images for the 7th anniversary celebration then :stuck_out_tongue: