Well i've been here for 3 years

:scream: January 27 marks 3 years since I joined Knockturn. Pretty sure I mentioned this last year, but I joined Knockturn after visiting Harry Potter World in Orlando for the first time. And now, this summer I’ll get to live down the street from Harry Potter World in Los Angeles and will work on the same property. I’ve travelled across the country and the world by myself. I’ve had one great internship and will be starting another one in June. Knockturn has led me to all of these opportunities and I truly believe I would not have the success I feel I have had without it. And of course, there’s a lot of people who have led me to this as well. I’m definitely going to forget people so don’t be offended.

First of all there’s my best friend and possibly my favorite person in the world besides my family members, Michael King :heart::heart: He’s been one of my biggest supporters for almost two years and has taught me so much.

Second is Michelle :heart: Michelle is always there for me and is always willing to listen. She’s the best and I appreciate her a lot.

Next is Jordan. We haven’t talked in a bit but I have a couple pictures I should send you of me and a certain German :> Jordan’s also been a big part of my journey with Knockturn and has been by my side almost the entire time. :heart:

Next is just a list of people in mostly no particular order: Ryder, Becky, Johnny, Jordyn, Maxi, Daniel, Crystal, Hari, Alm, Smol, Amelia, Bambi, Meow, Carter, Emma, Harrius, Sergio, Siph, Will, Teegan, Randy, Tyniki, Smile, Pande, and so many other people. Thank you all for being apart of Knockturn.

Here’s to another year :partying_face:


Congrats on 3 years! <333

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mommyyyyy dang 3 years, growing older eh

Now 3 more


Woot woot, grats on hitting your 3rd year. You’re getting so old, may have to start saying you’re 14 instead of eternally 11!


Congrats on three yearsss!! :heart:

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