Werewolves of Knockturn Academy

Hello everybody that reads this and thanks for clicking on.
You are probably wandering about what is Werewolves of Knockturn Academy. Well it is a game that I made in the server with books. Every player will be granted a card with a role in it. Every role has there own ability and is used to help your team to victory.
But I need people that want to help me test the game. Of course now you would be wondering why should I bother testing the game. Well I will give every player that helps me 10 gambits for 1 test run. So if you help me 3 times testing the game you will get a 30 gambits just for helping me test the game. You can apply under this message if you want to help and I would really appricated it if people would help me. The games can take sometime and I will try to find a time that will almost fit everybody that wants to help test the game.
P.S. I hope we can make it go so well that it may even be an event in the futher.

hi, i am intrigued.

Isn’t this literally like werewolf club that already exists or am I dumb lol

Eventhough this is like Werewolf Club but yes sure I can test.

I’m intrigued too, i don’t understand what the game is but I’m willing to try it

I’m intrigued! :astonished:

Count me as interested! I haven’t ever actually played Werewolf (or even games like it), but I’m definitely down for testing!

I’m interested. It kinda seems like Mafia and I loved that game at school, so I’d be more then happy to help test!

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