What will you role? ~ A Dice Role-Play


  • if you haven’t read at least some of “Dice” on Webtoons, don’t join this, read first, then join
  • follow X’s rules
  • Start with a B-rank or non-Dicer
  • don’t be more op than a normal A-ranker
  • no pvp until X changes rules (aka 16 A-ranks)
  • I play X, I change the multi quest maker/change the pvp rules
  • Let the games begin! giggle

X: Now make sure to follow my rules giggle and collect lots of Dice! LOL

Okai, lets do dis.

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Name: Kristen Amelia Cougar
Age: 16
Rank: B

Kristen did a round-house kick to the turned students head, taking them by surprise. “What the Hel-” they began to say before she threw a punch to their face. With them on the ground, she looked to her phone. “X, where’s my reward. I knocked out all 15” she said with a smirk.

X: “Processing, Here’s your reward! giggle

8 Dice sparkled before her and she quickly grabbed them and stuffed them into her pocket. She would activate them later.