Which Kingdom?

So I have a dilemma. I am going to kill off my character soon and want to know which kingdom I should go to next. So, I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the matter in the form of a poll :wink:

  • Thalsted
  • DeVita
  • Askaria
  • Crelias

0 voters

You should go Nomad :wink:

But I wanna be in a Kingdom ;-;

Lizzie you know you want to join me. We’ve been friends for so long and we’ve worked together so many times. You’re my ranting buddy and we are Paulers for life (The last part was a lie but shh xD) Join Thalsted bby, I love you. (I am the only one who can give a sufficient reason to have you join, I think I should auto win.)

It’s between Thalsted and Askaria tbh. I cant choose between 2 of my favourite people in the entire world ;-;

I see how it is stomps off jk xD

I’m clearly your other favorite person :stuck_out_tongue:

Lizzeh come to Askaria <3 You know its actually really unhealthy how we usually talk in pms with no spaces, plus Lord Huemaster really has to come x3