Whitelist Application 666Catherine666

[IGN]: 666Catherine666 (but changing back to Ravynwing as soon as I can : / )

[Roleplay Firstname] :

[Character Lore] :
Catherine had come from a small family that had traveled throughout the land most of her life. She was constantly being overshadowed by her strong but rather unintelligent older brother for his skills as a hunter. Catherine found herself to be more of a creative and inventive type, which did not impress her family. She grew increasingly more tired of her family’s boringly simple lifestyle. One afternoon her brother had killed an unusually large pig and was rewarded with a larger portion of the meat. Seeing the tremendous joy on his face from such a small thing made Catherine’s choice clear. She knew there greater things in the world and was determined to see more, know more, and be more than she would living with her family. She set off into the night at the young age of eighteen, leaving behind only a simple note of farewell.

[Why do you wish to join Mordonia?] :
I have never played a medieval rp server before but I hear a lot about it and it sounds like a lot of fun and like something that I would enjoy.

[Do you have a Knockturn name? If Yes , What is your name, house and year?] :
Catherine McKinnon Slytherin Y2 (Woo Snek)

[Visit our website and read our rules before committing to becoming a player on Mordonia, once you have been accepted you are free to play on Mordonia on the condition that you follow the server rules. Please be sure to read the server lore , if your lore is extremely out of tune with the servers we will ask you to modify it. All characters must make sense , magic is available in our world but there are limits to supernatural traits. Currently the only race on the server is human, you may have abnormalities such as red eyes , 1 arm etc. Do you agree to these terms? Type yes below] :

[If your application is accepted you will be white listed on the server. Do you understand?] : Yes I do

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Accepted! You may now /switch Mordonia. Remember to take the Quiz for your new last name when you first join. If you do not see the quiz log off and back on. If you have any questions, just ask a staff member or use /helpop (message).