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[IGN] : Determina

[Roleplay Firstname] : (The name you wish to be in the server)


[Character Lore] : (Write a short background story of your character, be as descriptive as possible )

Altavia (now 16, brunette, blue/grey eyes) was born into a happy life, a loving mother and father, who had quit traveling to raise a family, there to make it perfect. Even when her father travelled long distances from home for work, she had wonderful times with her mother, who would tell her stories of the kingdoms. At the age of 5, during a long 7 days her father was travelling, she considered life perfect. However, the fifth night marked the day she deemed the world cruel.
It was incredibly silent that night, not a sound but the happy words of stories being told. Altavia’s mother finished her final sentences and left her to sleep. But, as her mother exited the room, she was attacked. Killed for marrying the man another woman had loved. The strange woman had killed Altavia’s mother, leaving the child in complete darkness with nothing but a somber mind.
Altavia grew to be 7 in the coming years, her father staying strong for her even when mourning. He still sought happiness, and did well to keep a smile for his daughter. He’d even met a new woman, whom one would say he loved just as much as his former wife. Yet even after their marriage, Altavia despised the new woman. Nobody else could look past her beauty, but Altavia saw who her step-mother really was; She treated her husband’s daughter with as much courtesy as you’d offer a mutt, cursed the surnames of all the higher families, even went as far as to attempt poisoning the food in which Altavia was meant to eat. But none of that compared to the horror when she met the woman, instantly recognizing her features as the same that murdered her mother.
At age 10, her growing bored step-mother killed Altavia’s father as he slept. With little time to mourn, she ran from home hoping to begin a new life, hopefully someplace better. By the age of 14, she was travelling easily, meeting several people who would later become aquaintences. She vowed then; 1. To never believe in love, as it solely brought pain and distruction, and 2. To protect as many people as possible. Altavia then truely began her life in Mordonia.

[Why do you wish to join Mordonia?] : (What do you hope to experience?)

I’ve enjoyed roleplay for so long, so the idea of Mordonia is exciting! It sounds like a great community that I would love to join, and I am incredibly thrilled with the story.

[Do you have a Knockturn name? If Yes , What is your name, house and year?] :

I do; Mari Stevenson, Ravenclaw, Year 2

[Visit our website and read our rules before committing to becoming a player on Mordonia, once you have been accepted you are free to play on Mordonia on the condition that you follow the server rules. Please be sure to read the server lore , if your lore is extremely out of tune with the servers we will ask you to modify it. All characters must make sense , magic is available in our world but there are limits to supernatural traits. Currently the only race on the server is human, you may have abnormalities such as red eyes , 1 arm etc. Do you agree to these terms? Type yes below] :


[If your application is accepted you will be white listed on the server. Do you understand?] :


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Accepted! You may now /switch Mordonia. Remember to take the Quiz for your new last name when you first join. If you do not see the quiz log off and back on. If you have any questions, just ask a staff member or use /helpop (message).