Who Wants to Get Married?

Heyooo it’s ya girl, Lizzie. So I’m going to have a new character being born in about three weeks and I want a good quality man for her to marry. If you wanna marry her, just follow this application format. Keep in mind, you might need to die because she’s obviously going to be an infant when she’s born (duh lol)

Minecraft IGN:
Current RP Name:
RP Age:
Gender: (Are you willing to be a male irp?)
Notes/Extra (Why should I pick you?)

Minecraft IGN: Senpai__Anna
Current RP Name: Uhhh idk actually
RP Age: However old you needme to be bby ;>
Gender: (Are you willing to be a male irp?) Ya suRE male
Notes/Extra (Why should I pick you?) I don’t play but you love me so


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I was happy for a sec thanks

I’m sorrryyyyy, I totally would but now I sorta got something that has to keep me completely away from Knt. ;-; Now it’s really not a choice thing it’s a ‘K Anna no’

It’s ok I still love you

Minecraft IGN: TomDweeb
Current RP Name: Tom Mauser
RP Age: How old you want me to be, I am not RP ing as anyone rn, but just in case my discord is :snowman_with_snow::snowflake:TomDweeb​:snowflake::snowman_with_snow:#5374
Gender: (Are you willing to be a male irp?) I am a male so yeah ofc xD
Notes/Extra (Why should I pick you?)
I haven’t RP’d yet, although I am very interested in it and have been following and learning how to from the information I pick up. I also have nothing really to do on mordonia apart from working hard on achieving my goal in becoming a Pyromancer (dw the house OR the lady won’t burn xD), but I am not asking to be her man for “having to do something so I’m not bored”, it’s so I can share my experiences and others with her. As an 18 year old, I have a girlfriend and I am being told that I am caring and really listen to what she says. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading.

Ok I’ll remove the emojis for the username, if anything find me without em

Also I’d like to add (sorry I can’t edit yet) that I live in Tarlus, but I’d be cometely fine to move since now there is a giant globe above it that spawns mobs around the city (RP purposes, gods spawned em), so I would be happy to move :smiley: