Who wants to marry me?

Whew, let’s try this again. I had another application for this but got practically no applicants. Sooooo, I’m looking for a Husband for my current character, Karlia Iani. She is currently 3 but I’d like the relationship to begin developing when she’s 4-6. So how do you apply, you ask? Simply fill out this format
Minecraft IGN:
Current RP Name:
RP Age:
Gender: (Are you willing to be a male irp?)
Notes/Extra: (Optional)


Minecraft IGN: PassionFire
Current RP Name: Bre Wittman (I’ll be killing my character if picked.)
RP Age: Bre is about 24 irp but I’ll be killing her and creating a new character.
Gender: I’m a female but interested in playing a male.
Notes/Extra: I would love the oppurtunity to play a male character, and being your sweetheart would allow me to explore extra areas of Mordonia’s roleplay. I believe I am ready to take on this role and the challenges it will present to me. I have learned from my past mistakes and I will try my best if I am picked. I will not dissapoint you.


BIG MOOD -nah jk XD

Minecraft IGN: TomDweeb
Current RP Name: Tom Mauser
RP Age: as old as you want me to be, but I think I might be around 3-4
Gender: (Are you willing to be a male irp?) of course I am, I am male irl
Notes/Extra: (Optional) I enjoy RP, although I unfortunately haven’t been a part of it on this server yet. I have seen multiple Eps, but it would really help if I could be taught some things before I start. I would really like to develop a RP character doing something interesting with his life. Marrying your character would really help me start exploring the RP world of Mordonia with a partner by my side and continue in the future. I am also ready to live anywhere you need me, currently I am in Tarlus and have a rank of a Footman if that is needed. I would love this opportunity.

screams in protective mother
@Siphlygon We can’t let anyone hurt our baby ;~;

polishes sword No one will.


u sound just like my dad XD


Minecraft IGN: LionChargeRoar
Current Roleplay Name: Xavier Ennes
Rp Age: 4
Gender: Male
Extra: I would love to have the chance for my kind and high-spirited character to have a chance with a girl such as Karlia, especially since this will be the first my character has a love interest


@LionChargeROAR congratulations! You have been chosen to marry Karlia Iani! DM me on Discord @LizzieGoesNoot#9260 for more information :wink: