Who will win? -Fairy Tails Return Rp

The first moves have been made in the fight between Marcus Ignis and Kaneki Tsuki. With Marcus dodging a shadow god bellow from Kaneki and obliterating the shadows with a fire dragon roar. Now with the shadow god’s right arm pinning Marcus, you decide how the rest plays out!

Here is where you pick who wins this fight. Also comment down below how close the fight is. The more votes the better! We need your unbiased input so that we don’t cause this to be unfair!

  • Marcus Ignis
  • Kaneki Tsuki

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feel free to let us know why you have this opinion and how the fight shall go down!
REQUIRED: You MUST give a good reason as to why your voted person would win, otherwise your vote WILL NOT count.

I think it should be pretty close, considering you both use slayer magic and such. :3

That moment when everyone votes for fqing Marcus Ignis.

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I think the same as Stacey, a close fight because you both used slayer magic

Also just want to mention, Kaneki can legit turn into a shodow, making and physical contact usless on him. something to keep in mind.

I was reading the elements again, my character can use all elemental magic right? Even shadow?


And since I did give something to sway you towards kaneki, it’s only fair for Marcus to get one. When he did roar, the fire obliterated the shadows without question. Shadow or not he can hit it.

Of course, it’s just be unlikely to have another shadow god slayer.

tough choices though, since it’s set at 50 - 50 right now and I still haven’t voted…

Welp, sorry Markus, but Kaneki’s pinning you to the ground.


happy? lol


I vote Marcus bc the only thing that can stop a shadow would be light (or fire). Also it seems that Marcus is driven and Kaneki appears to be doing this for fun so when it comes down to it, though it would be a very close fight, Marcus would have more motivation to go all out bc in his mind i feel like he can’t lose until he reaches his goal.

Poll closes in 6 hours! Make sure you vote and give a good unbiased reason as to who will win! Otherwise you might go unheard!

I have switched to Marcus’s side due to what Catherine said and because Marcus would still be able to hit him IF he ate Kaneki’s shadow element.

yum shadows xD

notices she’s a knockturn shadow

oh no, I’m delicious! xD

I wonder if they taste as good as a slowpoke tail?

Voting has ended! The winner is… Marcus Ignis! With 5.5 Valid votes and 12 total votes. And kaneki coming up short with 3 valid votes and 6 total votes. Thanks for everyone’s input! Check in with the rp to see just how the fight plays out!