Winter Holidays Events

Hey Knockturn! It’s time for the beloved Winter Holiday Events to make a return for the 2021 season. These events will take place from December 20th, 2021 to January 1st, 2021.


Host(s): Rey Wayland
Time(s): December 20th, 10 am & 2 pm & 7 pm EST
Description: The classic Build Battle game we all know and love, but this time you’ll be competing in the theme of Gingerbread Houses.

Host(s): Katna Malamius
Time(s): December 22nd, 8 am & 2 pm & 8 pm EST
Description: Players race around a track made of ice, first player to reach the end wins.

Host(s): Bess Brekker
Time(s): December 24th, will happen randomly throughout the day
Description: Snaps, Knockout, etc. will be hosted if there are players online that are looking for something to do.

Host(s): Emma Rose
Time(s): December 25th, All Day
Description: Since Christmas Day has finally arrived, this is the day where participating players get to pick up the gifts they got from their Secret Santas this holiday season.

Host(s): Ellie Schoenheit & Quinn Schoenheit
Time(s): December 26th, All Day
Description: A 24 hour parkour course where players parkour around rooftops, delivering presents through chimneys to the families living in town.

Host(s): Maya Harlow & Penguin Adelaine
Time(s): December 27th, 8 am & 2 pm & 5 pm EST
Description: Players race through a candy cane themed maze with the first player to reach the end receiving the winning prize.

Host(s): Emma Rose & Ellie Schoenheit
Time(s): December 29th, TBA
Description: The traditional Yule Ball makes its yearly return. There’ll be dancing, a skin competition, photo ops, etc.

Host(s): Bess Brekker
Time(s): January 1st, 12 am EST
Description: A fireworks display to ring in the New Year.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am to see and participate in these upcoming events. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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