Would you be interested...?

So it’s been a while since the Karaoke Night events and I was wondering if anyone would participate if I held one on Sep. 4th around 8-11pm EST ish.

For those that are new, here’s basically what happens:
The event takes place in the Karaoke Room vc on ktn discord and you can sing, play an instrument or just hang around and have some fun.

So would you join?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Idk

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If anyone has questions, feel free to msg me on discord (Keyla#3048)

No coz of timezones, but maybe we could host 2 karaoke events for EU and EST?

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I can’t host one in eu time cuz school, but u could if u want to. Rn I’m just seeing if theres enough interest in the event first.