XRay Ban Appeal

Hello Mods and Owners and Admins of Knockturn,

Many of you may know me and some of you may not.
I am SkitVenomFilms (IGN) and I recently have been banned for the reason of “xray pack”. Although I never have had an xray pack. The only pack I have is the Mordonia one. I have never used an xray texture pack. I have a girlfriend on the server who is also an admin/professor on harry potter/queen on mordonia as you might know and I wouldnt of found out about this wonderful server and community without her. I know she would be horrified if I wasnt unbanned and I plead to be unbanned, I have nothing to do and I simply want to get the miner ranks on mordonia, not get accused of cheating because I try to do my job in the kingdom. I really want to get into the server more often because my girlfriend is the center of my life and without being able to play on her favorite server I feel she would be very disappointed in me. I beg of you whoever reads this to unban me. Her and I had plans to get married on the harry potter server, but now I dont know if it will ever come to fruition.

With Best hopes
Matt aka
SkitVenomFilms, Matthius Dixon, and Lumiere Malenfant

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[10:29 PM] AAAA: But the path to ways were random and led to ores
[10:30 PM] AAAA: I mean I saw the hole so pretty sure a pack was used but I’ll leave it up to you. BBBB
[1:29 AM] CCCC: He dug straight fucking down to diamonds or swapped directions and tunnels into diamond veins there
[1:30 AM] CCCC: He did that a LOT

At least two people inspected the holes and the conclusion was that you had randomly dug straight to diamonds.

Now I realize you can be friends with someone, but being friends with someone does not make it okay to break out rules, and the evidence of you breaking them can be damning.

Additionally, the evidence can’t be faked, on the other hand, people can just go and say ‘I never did this’ and they do on the internet all the time. Therefore, in my opinion, its far far more likely you’re just lying, which here, we view someone who breaks the rules THEN lies about it as not only someone who doesn’t feel guilty about it, but they are even more trustworthy.

If you had broken the rules then come forth and said, “I know it’s wrong but everyone makes mistakes” You might be receiving a different audience

Additionally, your attempt to guilt us into unbanning you she would be horrified if I wasnt unbanned and I plead to be unbanned is kind of scummy and low.