Y2 Transfiguration - No spell description or movements given; blank line instead

Subject of class attended: Transfiguration
Year of class attended: Second
Lesson number of class attended: Lesson 2

Problem: In the second lesson of Year 2 Transfiguration, the spell movements and description to Purau and Jauro are missing, instead replaced by a blank line, as shown below. This sufficiently summarizes the issue.


When a lesson doesn’t give you spell movements, it’s a quiz testing your knowledge of the spells taught in the last lesson. Almost all transfig and most DADA and charms lessons will have a spell quiz at the beginning.

However, the mistake here is that these two spells haven’t actually ever been taught to you. As such, the spells for this spell quiz have been updated to match the spells taught in the previous lesson and will be uploaded to the server soon.

This is a potentially common error due to how we prepared the lessons for the new plugin, so we really appreciate the report and apologize for the error!

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