Y2 Transfiguration - Spell Incantation/Movements Wrong

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All four spells taught in the class do not seem to be working. I also asked a player of higher tier to test them for me and he too had difficulties. I only managed to get screenshots of the 3rd and 4th spell however i had the movements to the first 2 saved in a book.

Spell 1: Albut Up>DownLeft>UpLeft>Jab
Spell 2: Hyaciput : Downleft>Upleft>Right>Downright

Spell 3: 38

(I am aware i made a mistake casting this one in the screenshot however it still didnt work when I casted it with the movements said in the class)

Spell 4: 56

(Incantation for Spell 4 was Cracus)