Y3 Charms — Incorrect Information

Subject of class attended: Charms
Year of class attended: 3
Lesson number of class attended: 6

Problem: Firstly, the professor states that Furnunculus is a Jinx, while it is instead a Hex.
Secondly, the professor states that it was learned in First Year, which I cannot confirm, but then states that the current year is Year 2, which is obviously incorrect.
Also, in the backstory of Furnunculus, the sparks emitted from the wand are golden, while the sparks in-game are red.
ALSO, after mentioning the usage of Furnunculus in 1994-1995, the professor states “in 1992, a more recent encounter,” which not only is dreadfully incorrect, but also rather oddly worded; I wouldn’t call them “encounters.”
Finally, the professor mentions how the movements of the spell affect how the spell behaves. This, to my knowledge, is not explained for any other spell, and I believe there should be something about it in Y1 Charms or Magical Theory, even.

Thanks for reporting! I’ll work on getting these fixed soon and will take note of the last thing for when we start to rewrite lessons, I like the idea of it and hope we can incorporate it with more spells. Next time, please use Lesson Errors to report this instead.