Y'all been stuck with me for 6 years

I feel like I just wrote my sappy 5 year post not that long ago… crazy how time flies by so fast. Anyways, I’m officially part of the 6 year gang as of today aka July 12, 2021 so yay and cheers to that :clinking_glasses: shout out to drama club and all my friends for making my life chaotic in the best way possible and I’m still so grateful to be a part of such a welcoming and loving community, now onto 7 years! :heart:

stream RED (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift when it comes out in November 2021 :sparkles:


Eyy, welcome to 6 year gang!


i would’ve made this better but congrats i guess

it’s almost like i tried to ask you to make it smh

Proof or it didnt happen

i was unconscious at the time sorry i’ll try better next time


Ok @LukeS at fault here

again i was unconcisous but i suppose ill make a notes app apology again sigh

so where’s my notes app apology

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